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  1. I've been searching through ISA eligible ETFs on the ETF Screener and have found a few I'd like to invest in. Unfortunately, I'm struggling to find these when I search on the IG Dealing Platform. If I click on the "Trade Now" button in the ETF Screener, then this just takes me to the Dashboard. If I copy the name of the ETF into the search field of the finder panel of the IG Dealing Platform, then I get no hits for certain ETFs. For example, I'm interested in an ETF with name "UBS ETF - MSCI Switzerland 20/35 UCITS ETF" and symbol "SW2CHB" on the ETF screener. Searching for these terms in the IG Dealing Platform yields no hits. What is the proper way to find ETFs on the IG Dealing Platform, which one has identified on the ETF Screener?
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