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  1. Im getting this. It won't let me view the platform also. Please fix, following last weeks string of errors this is almost unacceptable.
  2. I left my system on all night to avoid them messing with my platform and it worked ,, really shouldn’t have to do that however.
  3. That's totally an unacceptable reason to disable chart tools , surely the platform runs locally when we load it up, what resources of IG would that take up, I can't understand how removing peoples analysis makes execution quicker? Annoying.
  4. I've just managed to get through to the charts and technical side of IG on the phone. A woman told me they're very sorry they're 'updating the platform' , to which I said, I didn't receive any notification there was going to be a platform update and interruption to my trading? She told me, I can still trade however the timeframe might reset . I assured her this isn't the case and i'm unable to keep it in any selected time frame or keep indicators on the chart without it reseting in a minute or so. I was told this would be resolved within one hour. I then mentioned i'm currently in a forum on the IG community with other clients also dealing with the same issue, and this forum was already an hour old. She more or less just apologised. Honestly it really just feels like they're messing with the platform whenever it gets crazy. Why would they chose to preform an update at US open on a crazy volatile day? Sounds like a bad excuse or she just didn't know what to say, either way, as a client, I feel like I'm being made to sit out on a profitable day and it sucks! Sort it out IG!!!!
  5. Hey This issue is also happening to me! Extremely annoying , it's happened before exactly the same, on a day that was similar in volatility. Feels like IG are against the clients on days like these. Please fix!
  6. Hey Does anyone have any idea how long until ASIC implement their new margin regulations? And also which other regulators that IG offer, allow similar leverage? (It doesn't state the leverage amounts in the compare section) I'm aware FINMA is the same, but I wasn't able to open account with them because I didn't meet the minimums required apparently. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you
  7. Any idea how long until ASIC implement the new rules ? Unsure wether it’s worth moving office now or waiting abit.
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