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  1. As listed on https://community.monzo.com/t/merchants-banks-who-dont-yet-recognise-the-monzo-current-account-sort-code-debit-card-open-wiki/13891

    IG is not currently accepting neither Monzo current account debit card, nor current account sort-code / account numbers. I've tried this over the weekend, and it is still true.


    Monzo’s BIN is the 6 digit number at the beginning of your card (535522) & if the merchant’s database is out of date, they’ll typically identify it as a prepaid / credit card, rather than a debit card. 

    Could you please update your BIN database to include Monzo debit card, as debit cards?


    If the Sort Code (04-00-04) isn’t recognised, you’ll usually see a message like “incorrect account details” or “invalid Sort Code”.

    Could you please update your sort-code validator to include 04-00-04 as Monzo Bank Limited, branch Monzo?

    It is a normal UK GBP current account with fasterpayment, BACS, direct debit and CHAPS. Enter 04-00-04 into http://www.fasterpayments.org.uk/consumers/sort-code-checker to verify this independently.


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  2. Need pending order to open, for entry - not just level, but min/max premium specified as well.

    Need the ability to trade against underlying index future, rather than cash index, ie. against ftse 100 September futures no the ftse 100 cash.

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  3. As an IG client, I expect an email or notification of a change in margin to open new orders. In advance, if possible, or at least post-factum. Is there a feed for these changes? RSS / blogs / twitter / special forum thread / whatever? An answer to a community question is not acceptable way to notify that this is legitimate change, rather than a platform bug.

  4. I am using demo spread betting account and I have opened a bunch of limit/stop working orders against FTSE100 futures contract.

    I have set them to be good until end of week, and they are within +/- 500pts of the current trading level.

    Despite none of them triggered, my balance overview already shows "Margin incurred" which to me seems odd, given that the working orders have not be executed yet. Conceivably, if one order out 100 is executed I can end up in margin call situation - what will happen then? Will IG be closing open position or cancelling working orders? Is it normal for margin to be charged on working orders?

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