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  1. I am not a trader, more just a small investor with IG. I have 99% of my investments with Hargreaves Lansdown and only started with IG after Hargreaves Lansdown was down for half an hour. IG site is harder to use and the cost figure shown annoys me very much, as it does not include dealing charges and Stamp Duty, therefore overstating any profits. HL show the proper total cost. More worried about huge drop in IG share Price. I now have 1000 shares, and was doing quite nicely before latest announcement. CMC are only on half the rating and seem a better bet now. Will probably close my IG account as not suited to small private investors. The mobile app is even worse than Windows 10. HL has had some issues last week, with funny messages at times. They admitted that their system is not brilliant. Seems a shame they cannot afford to make their system top quality. Would love to have just a dealing site without all the investment **** they are trying to sell.
  2. In fairness to IG Hargreaves Lansdown has not always been brilliant recently, with some odd messages appearing on some screens (I only use Windows 10) I only opened up a small account with IG to see if any better than HL. Both have stengths and weaknesses, neither is perfect. HL is much easier to use ,and shows the proper cost of a transaction. No good saying just the cost before dealing charges and Stamp Duty, as I still have to pay them. I know there is a statement somewhere that shows them, but cannot find that or Tax year end summary on the Android app. Is there a simple instruction manual for Android app somewhere? Just says what to do for all common tasks. Maybe IG dont want amateur investors? Many thanks.
  3. I am fairly new to IG, and find the mobile android very confusing in places. I cannot find a way of deleting all messages in my inbox. I want to delete all meassages in one go, including unread messages.A simple task on Outlook, surely a way to do this. When I select a message by holding down I cannot find a delete button. Can I switch on and off showing my watchlist on mobile app? Simple to hide on Windows. I am also worried about how slow it is to start IG on Windows 10. It used to be very fast, but has now got very slow. Have any other members found this? I think the system was down for a long time on the afternoon of 29th Jan, seems worrying. I hope IG are OK as the recent proposed acquistion of TastyTrade has had a terrible effect on the share price. Many thanks
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