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  1. My suggestion would be on both the app and the web platform, but I understand that the app may not have the space to incorporate the time, so maybe just on the web platform if not possible on both.
  2. Apologies for the delay in my response. In the past using different platforms it shows the time, hour, minutes and seconds as part of the platform. I also use a Mac but the time only shows when you move your mouse to the top of the screen, also it only shows the hours and minutes. It is handy to know the seconds too especially when trading a major event. ie 1.29pm, would be great to see 1.29pm and 50 seconds which would mean an event starting at 1.30pm would start in 10 seconds. I believe it would be a simple, useful addition to the site which could be incorporated on the top bar on the we
  3. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions. I would like to trade crude oil on a 5 minute chart. I know this is a very volatile asset but like to trade it. Can you suggest what the trailing stop should be and more importantly the steps? I have seen that crude seems to have a minimum step of 10, should i use this or increase the steps? I am thinking about using a 30 pip stop and leave the steps as 10; do you think this would work?
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