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  1. I read all the information but it look like it is impossible from IG to follow metatrader signal, I think IG blocked them
  2. I have that now but when I try to buy a signal, it is impossible and I don’t know why
  3. Ok but now how I connect my IG MT4 to metatrader 4 for buy a signal regards
  4. I have open MT4 IG on my computer but I can find how to connect to metatrader for have the signal now
  5. Dear Caseynotes I am little new with that, I need to do that on the MT4 platform or the MT4 IG plateform ? regards
  6. Good morning I contact you because I have a IG account MT4, I try to connect to metatrader for buy a signal, but I can’t connect and at the bottom I don’t have option signal, can someone help me to do the connection I try to add my metatrader information for connect community but nothing happen best regards
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