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  1. Hi @CharlotteIG, assume TradingView integration isn't going to be with us until sometime next year now? Do you know if it will be possible to place 'Stop-Limit' orders via Tradingview? It's currently not possible via the IG Web-app which makes it dangerous to place market orders before the open. I had a situation where the market gapped up 100~ points away from my order which was then still triggered. Stop-Limit order would allow me to specify a maximum price I'd like to get filled at rather than just anything above X which is currently the case. I'm going to try MT4 to see if its possible on there but I'll hold off if Tradingview is coming very soon. Thanks.
  2. Hi Tradebot, I've raised issues like this in the past, don't expect a response here from IG. I've not raised the issue with support since it's never actually affected any of my trades but it is a bit disconcerting. I think this probably affects all stocks that are tradeable 'All Sessions'
  3. @CharlotteIG was there any feedback on this suggestion from the development team?
  4. FXCM is now a supported broker on TradingView, its currently limited to Forex and Indicies. They have implemented full integration, so you sign into FXCM via the TradingView platform. Is this even being considered IG? There are 10,000,000 active monthly users on TradingView 💰
  5. The spike has now disappeared on the 1hr but still on the Daily 🤪
  6. We have the same problem today, spike isn't shown on the 4 hr chart, what is going on?
  7. Hi, There seems to be a price discrepancy on the Tesla All Sessions Cash chart. The daily chart shows a wick high of 58115 Tuesday 24th March but on the hourly chart price hasn't gone anywhere near this level yet What's going on? Images attached.
  8. Hi, yeah that's right. TradingView has something similar;
  9. It would be great if we could right click on a price level on a chart and have the option to add alert. This would be much quicker than going into the alert panel and typing out the price level for the alert. 🙂
  10. Hi IG, Any plans to become a supported broker on Tradingview? I like the IG web platform but Tradingview stock screener is great and would be nice to trade from there. https://uk.tradingview.com/brokers/
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