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  1. For those capable to think for themselves. Dimwits should not bother. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=o2CmJCa4qcY&feature=emb_logo
  2. For all the clueless dimwits, there is real educational material on this site. https://www.nhsforsale.info/ Also, just found out how cheap it was back then to pay off our beloved Matt Hancock to start the ball rolling. Even I can afford it. https://www.nhsforsale.info/conflict-of-interest/new-health-secretary-matt-hancock-accepted-32000-from-boss-of-think-tank-that-wants-to-scrap-the-nhs/ Process this. https://lowdownnhs.info/comment/why-bypass-nhs-labs-for-mass-testing-concerns-over-new-super-labs/ I think there is a big opportunity to make specific guaranteed longer term investments here.
  3. I now believe my original timeline of 2022/2023 being when the vaccine is deemed mandatory is too far away. I have reason to believe it will be sooner. Judging by the sheer number of useful idiots and useless idiots so eager to give up freedom for perceived security, it's happening sooner. Let all of them take the hit and the jab and the chip. The very few seeing this as a scamdemic need to reorganise their life priorities. Transition over to trading the markets as your main income asap. Other measures need to start rolling.
  4. Uncle Soros owns a bio tech pharma in China called Wuxi Pharmatech. https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1029160/000101143811000207/form_13f-soros.txt See what I say? They are all each allocated a specific task.
  5. You made me chuckle haha... The person I thought will never understand might be the only who will.
  6. Update The estimation as of last week was possible for the Dow to climb several hundred points before the drop. Market progression now suggest Dow 25000-26000+ is possible before the drop. The most important factor is to see how the rest of this week plays out. If it starts to show decline, then the direction is down. If it inches upwards, then the top could be 2000+ points before reversing. So no need to rush to place big bets yet. Keep a small long position relative to account for now is a safe strategy.
  7. Don't forget to clap for our own enslavement every Thursday for frontline NHS workers busy making music and dance videos. They are overworked, suffer from PTSD and witnessing traumatic scenes of sick and dying patients testing positive for COVID 19. US doctors and nurses are going to find themselves joining the unemployed line soon! No wonder it makes sense for them to start speaking out.
  8. @Caseynotes Do you have one for US indices? Thanks.
  9. Since you are referring to the Gaussian Dist. then you should know to fall 1 SD either side is very common covering about 68%. Very common meaning very average. Very average meaning dumb enough not to understand what is going on but enough brain cells to obey rules and follow orders. Team spirit, team herding and obeying authority blindly without the capacity for independent thinking are these people strong points. So yes, the majority have low IQ to do anything or think anything out of the ordinary. The cookie cutter type near you. As for my IQ, the US army can't legally recruit me.
  10. The majority have low IQ. The same majority that are failures in life and looking for the next reason to justify their shortcomings and never think for themselves. Could this majority be the same group losing money consistently trading the markets? The universe need losers to exist for winners to excel.
  11. Search for "Lilian Franck Trust WHO" documentary on the corruption of this private organisation. Watch the same media hysteria over Swine Flu from a decade ago. This documentary is now banned on Youtube and Vimeo. People can purchase on itunes and Amazon Prime. For those who are £ conscious, you can watch it on Bitchute for free.
  12. COVID-19 = Certificate of Virus ID-1984 I say that here now.
  13. You are right mate, there are always 2 scenarios. I agree with your assessment of lower volatility in the summer. I think it will be near US election time when the volatility is through the roof. Right now, Dow Jones could still climb several hundred points before the drop based on probability. To go higher beyond that level for now is very unlikely. The drop has a good chance of happening before June. Psychologically, the big drop will catch people out and that is what it is all about. I said before the orchestrated market crash last month is not the end. Too much effort has gone into the drama show. This is just my opinion and I could be completely wrong. I personally would still have a small long position. But the moment I feel is right and it will be obvious, I'm in for the short.
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