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  1. Thanks for the input guys, very much appreciated. Having thought long and hard after a trip to my local strip joint and the whole of Saturday to be still, I feel I can make a more rational decision. I will go with the decision I had late last week to short the Dow. Due to greed and more greed, I bet on the probability for the markets to shoot north a bit more before shorting from a higher level to extract a bit more juice. A mistake I should never have made again. Dow 30000+, Nasdaq 10000+ will happen, but not this season. I am quite confident (trust with a pinch of salt) that Dow ~28800 will be tested and maybe even ~28400 by the end of next week. As I am currently trapped in a long position, I do hope for Nasdaq to rise a little to reduce my loss which I cannot rely on to help me out. I will start to unwind some and increase my Dow short as soon as market opens.
  2. Don't really have a good option right now. Either hold or cut losses. Holding seems like a better option as Nasdaq should not be dropping that much more (hopefully). Cutting my losses now means losing 10 days of earnings. Doesn't sit well with me. What would you guys do if trapped like me?
  3. I woke up to the same #%&£. Placed a small hedge last night before sleep to counter my big loss and found a token of goodwill. Doesn't help much. Let's see if the uptrend is in play today. I have noticed my recent calls have been correct a day ahead of time which is total nightmare. Could be put to good use though if true...
  4. What level are you talking about when describing a bear market? Dow 20000 or lower? If so, no chance.
  5. Happy for you! I'm down a lot on screen. Just have to wait this out.
  6. Most of the stop losses must be cleaned up by now.
  7. If you get this right and make good money, you should consider trading against me in the future😂 😂
  8. I hope to close tonight....if not tomorrow.
  9. Good luck! One of us is going to lose.
  10. For us retail investors day trading, it only make sense to bet substantial (relative to each individual) and GTFO when we get the our own target.
  11. You have the inclination to short with your money?
  12. I know nothing about sophisticated trading instruments. I stick with what I know and works for me.
  13. I know what you mean, it's risky going for big bets. But still, another rise on Nasdaq is more likely today. The big money just keeps on pumping the stock market and I will be surprised if the general trading population are not caught out by nosebleed highs this year.
  14. I thought a temporary reversal was in play but even Dow, the least bullish of the three, is refusing to drop much. Maybe Dow 30000 is coming much earlier. Having said that, I will only go long on Nasdaq. You have any positions on indices at the moment?