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  1. @TrendFollower, Sceptical might be the wrong word I used. Long term bearish or negative is better. Imagine if we were programmers and not traders/investors. Creating these tokens at the cost of electricity and passing them on at 100000/1000000% profit. Pure genius or scam depending how you look at it. We will be doing exactly what the central bankers are doing. Profitable businesses do not like competition. It's debatable if they can shut down and destroy these different cryptocurrencies when they want but I'm leaning on yes. So to me, it's like a time bomb buying/trading this today at $6700 and possibly $0 tomorrow when such order from the top is issued. I will watch and observe and patiently be shown otherwise.
  2. You talk about herd immunity and social distancing is imposed. You see the problem? Summer officially starts in June. Everyone has the freewill to believe what they want. Just watch how this panic progress. I said what I said in 2020.
  3. @TrendFollower What do you think is the long term value of Bitcoin? What are the chances it goes to 0 or pushed to 0? I am sceptical about crypto because it is outside of government control or so they say. I do not think for one minute that those controlling fiat currencies will allow a competitor that they do not control to steal their profits. I will watch on from the sidelines.
  4. Your username suggest you are based in continental Europe. You probably have more to worry about right now than future pension. The Euro might be finished mate. This time won't be bail-outs for banks, it's bail-ins for the governments.
  5. The final solution is NOT herd immunity. The herd immunity will come when the solution is enforced, hence the immunity. I am certain on this. Just watch how this plays out. My crystal ball tells me this coming winter, the media hysteria increases again after the virus dies down over the summer. More panic is ingrained into everyone. More self imprisonment, more individual rights removed, more urgent need to find the solution to save humanity. Panic training a few times is helpful to lock in the perception. I would say end of 2022/first half 2023 is likely when the begging reaps the reward they have been waiting for. And to add another point about how this could be enforced from another angle. Many will be made unemployed by this crisis. So you want "free" universal income to exist? You want to have permission to travel and go to supermarkets? Well, do the right thing.
  6. So you are beginning to see what the phase 1 of this panic exercise is all about. Phase 3 is what everyone should be worried about. But of course, the majority cannot think for themselves so they are begging for the eventual "solution" to save them without questioning or demand any form of scrutiny. The push for "solution" is what useless people need and deserve.
  7. It's not a one way direction to home run unless you are betting way below your means which means you won't be taking full advantage of the volatility to make more money. But increasing the bets risk getting you trapped and receiving the call. Recent volatility and forthcoming volatility does not come all the time. All traders ought to transition and learn to make money from trading full time because it might be the only viable job available that pays in the not too far future. Good luck!
  8. I said previously that this week is of high importance (crucial) for US indices. I think I have the direction for this coming Friday to next Monday figured out 五五五. You better be on the right side and not over leveraged if you plan to place bets. Trust me, it will be violent. Careful dmedin.
  9. I think it is possible again this week for the price to accelerate and the markets halts trading only to reverse when trading resumes. Position trading is probably a safer option this week.
  10. This week is a crucial week for US indices I think especially end of the week. If we are going to see extreme Dow soon, the market will let us know. The volatility is expected to pick up so money can probably be made in both directions with 1000+ points move again. I personally would not go long for a couple days. There are positions trapped right now going long from last week so I would guess some will be forced to endure some pain, unless they volunteer to take losses.
  11. If it moves below $5k to maybe $4k again, it doesn't look like there is a great deal of support. Sure it can double in a short span of time but don't you think this is a very risky trade?
  12. Just got out 五五五 @dmedin, Hope you done ok today.
  13. I wonder if I can get out at break even or even a profit today. Not too far away. Would be a bummer to lose back to the market a bit at the end of the week. Still working on getting my system nearer to 10/10 winning ratio. Will never get there, but near 9/10 would be fantastic. Regardless, the volatility next week will offer great opportunities.
  14. It does not look too good for now. Let's see if the closing will be higher than yesterday. My gut feeling still leaning towards up day backed by probabilities. I feel its too early for the trap to reverse back down. I was thinking perhaps this weekend or sometime next week for the bomber if it happens. I'm the first to admit eating my fat juicy humble pie if I get today's trade wrong.
  15. I decided to place a trade now instead of tomorrow. Probability wise, its safe. Direction for tomorrow is up. Who is going long?