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  1. All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits. Dow Having leapt higher into Q4, the Dow is firmly back in an uptrend – even given its extended move, it is still not ripe for much selling. However, a disappointing NFP might provide the hit to risk appetite that could prompt a drop back towards 22,400 or even lower, but this would still constitute, I suspect another opportunity to ‘buy the dip’ thanks to strong seasonal trends.
  2. All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits. EURUSD is one to watch ahead of NFPs, given the current weakness. NFPs are likely to be weak thanks to the hurricane impact, which didn’t show up in the August figures, so any improvement above expectations, or better-than-expected rise in earnings, could push EURUSD lower. The $1.1662 level is key, being the low from mid-August. A break of that and it could well prompt a swift move lower. With Catalonia hanging over eurozone assets euro bulls will find it hard to move higher, but a push above the end-Sept high at $1.1830 would be a start.
  3. That's the one! I remember watching it rally and wondering if we'd see the trend reassert itself, which lo and behold it did.
  4. 10500 would mark it I think, I'm always cautious about calling turns though (I always say, 'when it's happened, I'll let you know'). I tend to watch the monthly chart as well for a broader trend, then look to movements against that trend for potential opportunities. I'm still kicking myself about that July one.
  5. 'Sell the rally' has been the default option for USDJPY here this year (worked a treat in July), but not surprisingly that big round Y100 number is certainly making life interesting. It's too early IMO to call an end to the ongoing downtrend, but it will be interesting to see how the next bounce in the pair does...
  6. Looks like the buyers are back in charge for now, 6100 area held and with US markets recovering too we could see another try at 6280 or higher? 
  7. It has been practically lockstep for weeks now!
  8. Weakness seems to be quite broad based at the minute, with a lot of that down to oil. I quite like the 2hr chart and there's a half decent channel at work: 
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