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  1. Hey buddy thanks for getting back to me im looking for some big advice i currrently have 2sells open 1 in oil at 5130 and gold at 1566 im only £2250 in account but its all on both trades at this time 1845 gmt im -480£ on the oil and -£380 on the gold im not to worried about the gld coming back down its the oil price thats the worry. Ive been reading alot on the oil and expected it to go to 48 maybe but as im sure your aware the tripoli carry on not sure if it was a rocket but they evacuated that area and the virus they think might have peaked. Its trump now tgats the problem with the sanctions on tanza and russia over crude now pushing prices up. As we know usa is now stockpiled with oil and pumping more oil than fcast so hes did this to push prices up on the oil. My main worry is can this realistically come back down to 51 a barrel or is it onwards and upwards now for what he has done. Theres a meeting in march ive heard could they bring the oil price down there. Im worried that i could just let this run and it will top atleast full investment on oil should i cut losses on the oil my friend. Nothing ever works for me anytime something happens bad with gold or oil im always on the wrong side from last year aboit september. Not once have i been lucky when ive expected the price to go in my favour something happens. What would you do. I could put another 1000 in but oil could go and burn that. But im hopefull with the reading in the amount of over production it must come back down surely. I appreciate you help and advice thanks jeff c
  2. Am buy at 1578 gold and 5148 madea a fewxquig surfing the mardtķŕt. I ive onky 1500 spare just now spare what elae would you consider purcasing ads fetting sick of the pairs needing thousands to trade
  3. Whats your thoughts on oil i dont see why it wont drop mid 40s for the amount of bpd being over produced and china not taking 250.000 a day. My short is at 5107. I currently have a short on gold at 1585.36 which shows minus £54 im going to wait for market to open hopefully lower and switch sell to buy and look for 1600/10 then take what do u think ? Cheers mate jeff c
  4. Im sure sunday night it will open lower than the 1590 it closed at fri nite and most people will buy so there be a big boom till 12. Then asian markeft opens pwople taking there gains at 1600/10
  5. Im a newb tried bar trend patterns failed but thats not what done me it was the oil tanker last year. Then opted to gold with some help expecting 1600 before dec that flopped then the oil this year to go up the virus hits. So i believed all traders would buy in to gold atleast and that didnt last long. My friend told me us dollar basket usually goes up gold goes down vice versa. But i have witnessed them both going same way. Then you have follow the trends well weve seen whats happenend there. You have to understand and read and understand on whats going on in the world but you cant predict these markets its just chance. Ive won more on tv with the casino i think thats my intellegence level sadly.
  6. Doesnt even look like we even see 1588 now after monday eh? I bought at 84 after making 150 back out of 1800 loss with oil. Same as october it always goes against me lol
  7. What we think 1570 up or down to 1550 ?
  8. No it was m luther day trade shut
  9. No it was mluther day cheers
  10. Why has the the trade time stopped about 1800 uk time
  11. Is it just me or have everybodys stops gone and cant be put back on limits for example profit/loss