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  1. , any chance you guys could lower the spread on bitcoin, particularly during periods of relative 'low' volatility..? It could help IG win business from the likes of GAIN, who seem to always adjust their bitcoin spread after IG.
  2. Yes if only you had introduced Ripple when I suggested it back in July 2017 I would have made a killing by now!
  3. Can't fault a 250 listed firm like IG for trying to limit their liability. The crypto market has been 1-sided of late and this has affected a number of providers who are trying to reduce or in some cases completely remove altogether their crypto offerings. I think where the FCA are concerned, IG are taking prudent steps to protect their operating profitability which would in turn further protect their client holdings. Finance magnates wrote about the issue recently, link below. I have found them to be a credible source of info; a little while ago they reported very accurately on a story that I had very intricate inside knowledge of and very few people would have. https://www.financemagnates.com/forex/brokers/exclusive-brokers-start-shutting-crypto-cfds-due-one-sided-market/
  4. I have gone to City Index also. No issues with bitcoin liquidity yet. The minimum stop distance isn't as large as IGs which I have noticed has recently moved to 500 pips. The bitcoin spread is typically 90 pips. Also daily funding at CI isn't that expensive in the greater scheme of things. The platform however leaves a lot to be desired; the mobile platform is laggy. Frequent re-quotes when trying to open a position. They don't price bitcoin over the weekend. But so far they are the best alternative I have found. I also have accounts with Plus500 and intertrader but the bitcoin spread at Inter is too wide for my liking. The platform also has the aesthetic of one made a decade ago. Plus500 has the feel of a provider who will disappear overnight with your funds so I keep them at arms length.
  5. Yes I've been having the same issue. Perhaps IG should introduce some sort of alert function to notify us of when unlongable/shortable restrictions are removed.
  6. Any plans to introduce the Ripple cryptocurrency to the IG platform? Thanks