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  1. Browsing your website, I learned that you recommend BeeksFX VPS. I, who am considering opening a real account, write to you to know what the costs are for the VPS. I think, that the costs depend on the real account balance. The purchase of three types of VPS (bronze, silver and gold) is offered on the Beeks website at a cost of £ 27, £ 48 and £ 85 per month. Are these the amounts that I will have to take on or is there an agreement that clears or reduces this expense? I look forward to your reply. Greetings, Paolo Folchini Bronze 2-4 MT4 Platforms £ 27.00 / month 1300MB RAM 25GB disk space 1 vCPU Silver 4-5 MT4 Platforms £ 48.00 / month 2700MB RAM 50GB disk space 2 vCPU Gold 6-8 MT4 Platforms £ 85.00 / month 5120MB RAM 75GB disk space 4 vCPU