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  1. Hi there, You can setup what columns you want to view on the Open Positions tab by clicking the 'gear' icon and picking from the 'Visible Column' drop down list. Please add the daily percentage change to this list. HG.
  2. Tim, this is totally buggered at the moment. Yesterday and today I'm not seeing any news icons on my watchlist but am seeing them on my open positions.
  3. This is looking better but I'm still seeing some strange behaviour. For example, today, my watchlist showed 2 stocks with news items this morning. Then just now I notice that Just Eat PLC has a news icon flash up and I checked the news flow. The last item is dated 30-11-2016 16:35, so hardly current. Cheers.
  4. Thanks Tim, logging on today I'm seeing a lot fewer news icons. Has this been implemented already? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I posted some feedback and had it suggested that it might be worth adding it here as well. If anyone else thinks this is a good idea then please shout and perhaps it will be implemented. My proposal is that the news icon in a Watchlist should only be highlighted if there has been a news item published on that day. I don't feel there's any point to this feature if it is highlighted for previous days news that you've already read. I constantly need to open up the news feed to check if there is anything new that I might have missed which is a royal PITA. Ideally, once you have read all current news for a stock, the icon should not be highlighted. Or perhaps you can click a button to say you've caught up. A second best solution would be that it is only highlighted on the day if there is news. Cheers.
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