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  1. Why the markets are not suspending? Because There are always people taking profit from Crisis...Look at @dmedin ...or just look at me:
  2. Hello For any reason my IG Platform switch to the Australian time schedule last week. I am based in Europe so platform shows charts with time +10 hours...It is now 8:00 PM in Europe, Charts shows 6:00 AM day after. Very disturbing @Caseynotes : Do you know how to fix this ?...Thank you in advance
  3. Right ! I am always wondering why those guys invest so much time in getting an income via YouTube if they are already so successful with their trades ? He could rather go outside, enjoy life and....buy a new T-shirt...
  4. Hi @Caseynotes, The correct figures were win rate: 86% win ratio: 0,75. Risk ratio: 0,4R. Based on 22 positions...Then the market changed with almost no volatility from January 9th to January 16th despites sending some days the expected signals...It took me 2 days to notice it. In those 2 days, 4 loosers in a row, with my (very) low risk reward ratio (0,4) and the risk of 10% of my account just smaaaaaashed me down !! And then, yes you are also right; the nerves, the greed etc...pushed me to trade out of any strategy. Ahaha and I was the one who posted trading like a sniper, right
  5. Hi @DSchenk, So how is your account looking like now, after 1 month ?...From my FX trading side, risking 10% on each trade, I lost 44% of my capital with 26% lost due to stupid greedy positions opened out of any strategy....So I refound 26% and hope to control that Greed from now. Let´s see what February brings...
  6. @DSchenk, I have posted the wrong episode, sorry...see episode 2 from time 4:20...
  7. @DSchenk, For sure back testing in a Demo environment is a must, specially if you go the "Warrior way" (I like the approach)...It is just that in the real word, a Warrior also...dies. You know you won´t be able to apply your high risks on a daily basis: a serie of loosers and bang ! You´re out and at the best you are so small that you will have to refund again!..I doubt any strategy can survive an high risk on a daily basis. Now they are different types of warriors. The snipper is one of them...I am trying this, see below, from time 4:20... Still trying...Have fun man !
  8. Hi ! "The challenge is successful"...Which success ? Do you turn your demo account a PS4 ? I am just trying to understand what the heck of it if the real market is anyway a different environment than the demo one ? You know your Stop loss won´t be hit in the demo whereas it will be in the real market...So... This is NOT a critic. I just want to understand your motivation...Meanwhile it seems that you have fun, that is already good to see. So...Have fun, man !
  9. VERY VERY nice. The high disbalance on Avg hold time between losers and winners is interesting. Ah, ah : You, Exodus and Backwardation are not posting so much but all of you saw my thread and took the time to answer... . So consistent profitable traders (FX?) are somehow here and can bring reliable comments if necessary. That is what I wanted to check. Thank you very much for sharing
  10. Thank you very much for that instructive reply Yes I trade 1 unique pair and I have been observing its markets for 1 year now. No use of any indicators which were too noisy for me, just watching the market at different time frames in order to understand how the 2-poles crowd is moving. I also think in finding a second pair, maybe next year to balance the days the first one is not workable for me. Thank you again
  11. Hi All, As the temperature of the discussions have raised (see above) and I am the one who started with that Hot topic, I will put myself forward then...I have been starting a new strategy that brought so far, win rate: 86% (19 winners on 22 opened positions), win ratio: 0,75. Risk ratio: 0,4R....All bringing an Edge of 1,5 that IG calls Return ratio with Return Ratio = Edge-1. My Risk ratio is quite problematic. So when the market became unfavorable, the 3 losses in a row crushed a big chunk of the gains. It became so scary that I significantly reduced the size of my positions for
  12. Hi All, thanks for the replies to my very first post. Yes for sure consistency is quite relative if you consider the time frame, and the markets cycles. You cannot be profitable every months...To be honest I was also wondering whether the profitable few would spend sometime time in posting. Not because they may be arrogant but, like the athletes at high level, our activity is quite one single person business, being fully focused and filtering the outer and inner noises. I personally need some interactions with other traders now, after 14 months of isolation. Thank you again for welc
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