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  1. It wasn't clear which product you were referring to. You mentioned 'trade' which I suppose means 'trading'. Investing is a different thing and needs a different mindset. Overall I've stuck with IG because they appear much more transparent than other reputable brokers (my experience in CFDs and spreadbetting). IG also offers ProRealtime (PRT)inclusive for those who trade/invest regularly. I don't think any other broker offers this as inclusive. The PRT platform offers significant advantages too many to mention here. YouTube tells more. At first PRT seems daunting but practice over a few months brings out its advantages. I've found IG to be quite responsive to occasional platform issues. If you're English speaking you may encounter communication difficulties if you call outside hours. On occasions I got transferred to an English speaking person sounding like of Chinese origins. Though they speak English well, from my experience they don't appreciate subtle nuances of English as spoken in the UK. Out of hours services is pretty limited but better than nothing. Spreads are not as great for some currency pairs and other instruments - though IG would say differently. IG is also quite a Global operation with decades of experience. So overall I've stayed with IG, all considered.
  2. I think guaranteed trailing stops are a must. I can't see any fundamental disadvantage to IG by making it happen. IG's systems could be programmed to prevent an incremental trailing step and distance total that was not consistent with an increased guaranteed stop. So if guaranteed stops increased to 750pts but the distance and trailing step was too small, then the position would not change. This would be equal to when we have to move stops manually. If this could be implemented it would make IG very competitive and attractive to all traders everywhere.
  3. I've seen the same thing regularly. IG varies guaranteed stops (points away) by enormous amounts at times when there is significant news or high volatility. I have seen this rise to as much as 890 points. It is strange that a guaranteed stops need to be so large. It would take a catastrophic event of global proportions to need protection on a few hundred points. In effect - at such times - a guaranteed stop becomes useless as it would require far more margin than a 'normal' stop. I'd be interested to learn what IG's rationale and logic is behind such large guaranteed stops.