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  1. Is it my internet connection ? i'm having trouble with platform speed this afternoon
  2. How do I stop the IG News flashing over the deal ticket ? I am not interested in IG News !
  3. There is scalping and scalping. I only tend to trade DAX 5min/2min/1min for a minimum of 10 pips. Some traders would not consider this scalping. With regards to Rayners video - I would disagree. In theory he is correct but in practice I factor the spread in ie go for 11pips to pay the spread. Ok he will argue that factoring in the spread is the same thing, but is it that much more difficult to make 11 pips than 10 ?
  4. Thank you jlz I have read your link to the highly esteemed Investopedia and I can find absolutely no reference to spread betting being a leveraged product. In fact, it seems to concur with my original post, that spread betting is betting and has no relevance to leverage. Dmedin makes the point that the so called leverage as referred to in spread betting is 'notional'. I agree. but I would go further and suggest that margin in spread betting is equity to protect a spread betting company's interests in the case of a 'black swan event'. For example - if you had not put a stop loss
  5. dmedin Yes I think you get my drift ! Thanks. Everyone is suggesting that I don't understand the concept of leverage. I am beginning to wonder if they understand the concept of spread betting.🙃
  6. I don't understand what leverage has got to do with spread betting. Surely, spread betting is just that - a bet. If I bet £1 a point that the market goes up then every point it goes up I win £1. If it goes down then I lose £i for every point, simple. I understand margin, it's the amount of exposure that the broker allows according the equity in my account, but leverage seems irrelevant to spread betting ?
  7. How do I modify a trade on IG platform can I put in a stop loss or trailing stop loss after activating trade ? Or change to guaranteed stop once the trade is running.
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