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  1. This is what happened!! I emailed them back and forth for about a month, and they never brought this up... Just when you think they can't be any more slimy...
  2. Hi, So I am trading US shares with the "Zero Commissions". However, when I make a trade, I still seem to be charged about $10 per buy&sell. I contacted IG about this and they sent me my ledger history. From this I still can't see any extra charges other than the exchange fee of $0.97 per trade. Why am I losing this money? It's like it's still the old commission structure... Cheers, Luke
  3. So I have enabled L2 LSE data - where do I go from now in terms of using this data on the L2 dealer? When I search for a stock such as AAPL, it doesn't seem to come up... Also, how do I ink PRT to L2 dealer?
  4. They're working on a new platform which should be up soon or so I have heard...
  5. I don't see why it shouldn't be; it seems to be the same idea from the names. Can anyone shed light on this?
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