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  1. Can't log into my sharedealing account - anyone else experiencing the same?
  2. I've been told IG UK are looking into Sharesight integration but that it could take a while... Unfortunately Sharesight does not provide UK CGT report - they do provide a sold securities report but it does not use the share matching rules (section 104) and thus should not be be used when filing out your tax return...I generally download the .csv trade file from IG UK 'history' and upload it directly into Sharesight but it would be a lot easier if IG UK could integrate with Sharesight and even better if Sharesight / IG UK could provide UK CGT reports!
  3. Can anyone recommend a tool/software/website that not only does a good job at tracking your investments (like sharesight) but also offer support for calculating Capital Gains Tax (CGT) using HMRC rules? I wish IG would do more to help us calculate CGT using bed and breakfast rules especially when there are numerous transactions...It's a very tedious process otherwise... thanks!
  4. Same - still waiting for my iShares FTSE250 DIST ETF dividend...
  5. Anyone else has seen their old disabled accounts appearing on their Dashboard recently? Is there a way to remove them? Thanks!
  6. @Quacker Out of curiosity, are you based in Australia? The reason I ask is I've been told IG UK could not forward trading statements for automatic tracking to a third party website. It also does not seem like ShareSight have IG UK as an approved Broker.
  7. Does anyone use ShareSight to help them with their UK tax returns (capital gains computations mainly...) - would love to hear some feedback from people who use their services. Thanks!
  8. I was told IG would not provide any CG tax reports for smart portfolio or share trading accounts this year. However, it is something they are looking at. Personally I use ShareSight to generate my capital gains report to help me with my self assessment UK tax return. I have many transactions in my smart portfolio account so this website really helps...It's not free but definitely worth the investment I think.
  9. I understand this question has been asked a while back but I'm in the same pickle - any help? thanks!
  10. Great, thank you for your reply!
  11. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is an ETF out there to provide me with some exposure to cryptocurrencies...? I've been looking on the forum but couldn't find any information. Thanks!
  12. Could anyone please let me know if there is a way I can download the data used in Trade analytics on the standard IG platform? Also it seems to be missing a few days of trading, does anyone know who I can contact to try and resolve this? Thanks!
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