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  1. Development needs for Share Dealing and ISA Accounts: - 1. A low-cost Dividend Reinvestment facility is a must - this will have huge benefits for IG as, with your commission structure, I'm confident you would attract more long-term investors by offering a DRIP facility 2. Please include all costs in the positions window (i.e. commission plus stamp duty) so that average price and profit/loss figures are accurate 3. Please improve your help desk and phone availability - responses are extremely slow or with the help desk email sometimes non-existent, which reflects very badly on IG and suggests your investors are much lower priority than higher value margin clients
  2. @CharlotteIG Please ignore above post - paid into my account this morning!
  3. Follow up to above post - mine has just been paid into my account
  4. @CharlotteIG Hi, on a similar theme do you know why the L&G dividend due on 4 June hasn't yet been posted to trading accounts please?
  5. No, I'm still waiting for mine to drop into my ISA - emailed the help desk yesterday. Will let you know if and when I receive a reply.
  6. Hi - surprise fall in US unemployment rate and increased ECB stimulus are clearly major factors. But markets have been rallying quite strongly all week.
  7. You'll need to buy 100 shares at 95.48p = £95.48. The minimum order on a dealing/ISA account is £90.00.
  8. So strange how people are having different experiences with what must surely be an automated and fairly straightforward system built into IG's share-dealing platform. Eager to hear their response in case the same happens to me next month!
  9. Sorry to hear people are having problems with this. As you wait for an IG reply, I can confirm that I have an ISA and my trading last month has automatically given me the £3 UK and free US commission rates this month. I don't think the charges info on the IG website is clear enough but my understanding is that ONLY UK share trades count towards the 3 trades needed to qualify for lowest commission the following month. So, is it possible that either of you have traded mostly US shares and not met the 3 UK trade minimum? Just a thought, which I hope might shed some light. If not, I trust IG staff will respond soon. They do let themselves down sometimes with slow replies to client queries.
  10. I queried this via IG support chat before opening my ISA. I was advised the custody fee would only be applied once for both Share Dealing and ISA and only then if a minimum of 3 trades were not made in the previous quarter (in either account or in a combination of the two). A dealing account with zero holdings would not incur a custody charge anyway, as it's a fee for holding custody of shares, rather than an account management or inactivity fee. In a similar way, 3 trades made in my dealing account in March entitled me to the £3 UK commission rate and free US dealing in my ISA account from the moment I opened it on 6 April. Hope that helps.
  11. Hi, wonder if could offer a bit of friendly advice? It seems to me that you could really do with introducing some urgent risk management into your trading. Monitoring large positions is essential, as is learning how to cut losses, not adding to positions that are already seriously in the red. Can highly recommend a book by Mark Douglas called 'The Disciplined Trader' - it's a great read and could help give you the mindset to protect your capital in future and avoid these kinds of situations arising. IG will give margin calls as appropriate, but are under no obligation to notify you that your portfolio is being decimated as you put it. Really sorry that you're so badly under water...but learning to cut losses quickly is the best way to avoid serious losses (and significant overnight funding charges).
  12. Yes, Lindsell Train Global Equity Class D is an open-ended fund (unit trust), so you would need to invest in this via a funds platform. On the other hand, Lindsell Train Investment Trust PLC (a closed-end investment trust) can be traded or invested in via IG like any other instrument.
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