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  1. Is it possible to trade shares (as opposed to CFDs) thru the IG API? Has anyone tried to build a REST Client to trade a Shares account? Thank you in advance
  2. I cannot trade on the ASX nor get thru to their trading desk. This is a big event. who makes up my losses if I'm caused harm here? What on earth could be happening.
  3. Thank you to jlz for a work around using the authentication response. Having implemented the jlz approach (under .net) I find now also that the /accounts end point is working again, at least for the Live account.
  4. I'm having this problem too. I'm looking for a work around. I call the API from a .net application. I will advise if I find a solution. I hope IG supports their API more actively going forward. It's the one feature that provides value add over other brokers Cheers
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