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  1. Hi, this isn't working and ig can't fix. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still no joy....
  2. Hi Alex It wont let me do anything? can i uninstall it from IG as its a web link from the brokerage to launch?
  3. cheers for helping, still not working so I am going to uninstall it and try again
  4. i have and tried all the options but still doesn't work?
  5. Hi Im using an IG spread betting account with pro real time web link from the brockerage. I want to place orders directly on the charts of PRT but the stop & limit icons on the interface are not illuminated. I have tried the various options withing the interface but nothing is working? Any help greatly appreciated as tech support for both haven't really been that helpful...
  6. Hi is there a desktop icon available for launching PRT or is it only from within your account you can launch it?