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  1. Yep all ok on that account. - have been saving systems etc as i noticed that you only get s short period of time with the demo - that is why i am keen to get it on live account
  2. Hi @CharlotteIG - i have the opposite problem PRT enabled on demo account but i get a server error when i try to activate it on my live account - it says try again later but it has been a few days now so i presume it is not a maitanence issue Thanks in advance cheers
  3. I have of course tried < only without the equals and also put the value as -0.01 and variations on that but still nothing
  4. Finally started using ProRealtime to hopefully automate my trading-below is the screenshot results of one system but it seems to be only taking buy side trades even tho i have set up - as far as i can tell - the sell side exactly the same (obviously usin g less than rather than greater than) Any ideas what i am doing wrong? Also it wont let me use DPO indicator if i want to go live - will RSI achieve something similar or what would you best suggestion be?
  5. Found indices as per below but can not find the same for commodities ??
  6. Hi there, Just wondering where i would find when the spreads change of markets and what the spread should be - mainly indices and spot gold. Thanks
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