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  1. That sounds like a fantastic idea actually. Yes I'm looking to trade the 40 cash. I saw there is micro contract available. Which I might start on.
  2. SAFAS!!!! So I've been watching the top 40 index and I've been wanting to start trading on it but it's seemed very choppy. So being cautious. Anyone have any ideas or input. When and what. Would apreciate it. Always nice to have a win on the first entry. Regards
  3. Hi. Yes please that would be great.
  4. Hi My Name is Craig Just thought I'd introduce myself. I studied in South Africa. A farmer originally. Studied accounts and honors managements and investment accounting in South Africa. Currently living in London. Working as a model so I have allot of time on the shares. Trying to build so good strategies. They say the best way to learn is trial and error but I think that's tough in trading so I hope I can learn from others and there experiences here. Hope to hear and find out what strategies are going around. Have a great week trading