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  1. RaoulS Like others once the classic platform is gone so am I. My advice is leave it running side by side, if you dont from what I have seen you will be loosing customers. There is nothing wrong with the classic platform it is as it says classic! The new one is just shocking. Kind Regards
  2. @Caseynote. Thank you, already watched the video and done the logout, it still doesn't stop your watchlists disappearing when you click one of your open positions.
  3. Trying to grips with new site, if you could explain a couple of points for me it might help. 1. When I have a workspace set out how I want it, i.e. I have open positions on left and two watchlists on the right, how do I stop the watchlists disappearing every time I click on an open position or change to aggregate view, there doesn't seem to be a way to "save Layout" like on the classic site? 2. How do I sort columns on watchlist e.g. % change on day, again it was possible on classic but not on the new one. Many Thanks