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  1. Try Tradezero and Degiro these are real brokers not CFD scammers
  2. This a Joke broker . Not a Stock broker. Don't waste your money on imaginary stocks and commissions
  3. There is no display of the commission's in the deal or order screen. So you pay a spread plus commission for an asset you've never bought . I'm sure it's cheaper to actually go with a real stock broker and carry out real trades. All these pretend brokers are just here to steal as much of your money as quickly as possible. Commissions !! Commissions for what ???? Were not actually buying anything. Were just playing on a gambling machine where they make the rules.. I'm supprised they haven't charged a commission for using this forum or have they ???
  4. I wouldnt recommend this broker the fees are just too high. an excellent way to loose money ! hate to say it but plus500 seem to be better
  5. The worst thing about it, is that it shows you are in profit when you are actually not. started with a small account today. closed a few trades to find that their extortionate commissions were swallowing any profits i made. so with huge commissions and spreads once again the house always wins !! another bullsh1t broker !!
  6. £11 per trade .. Thats £22 to close. wouldn't be so bad if it was a real trade.. Quote we only make money from our spreads!!!! what a joke.
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