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  1. Please could someone explain how the blue lines descending tramlines on 1 hour and 1min that are based on exactly the same peak points represent two different bisection points today. They are individually drawn on each time. My guess is IG charting is not very accurate, any recommendations?
  2. Tabs better, drawings and navigation all better. I would prefer the left side area to be customisable to include basic chart info that I always want to see. 1. It seems you have put the curser in exactly place and number does not highlight so a bit of a pain? (Mac OS 10.11.6 Safari) 2. I spend a lot of time analysing so put a lot of horizontal references line on charts, when I do it becomes difficult to navigate the charts without accidentally pulling a line out of place, an easy 'lock' drawing feature would be welcome so that I can quickly navigate different time periods and not move the lines by mistake.
  3. Two further points, maybe I am missing something but.... 1. When entering horizontal lines for reversals etc it would be very useful to be able to type the number in rather than have to click it up or down. 2. A parallel tramline tool? Currently, I put them in manually, but it would save a huge amount of time! Thanks, Alec
  4. Just checking out the new Beta, needs to have view of detail (high, low, close etc) when you rest on a candle stick. That info is absolutely vital for quickly checking reversals etc. Please put it back!
  5. If both stocks and bonds collapse at the same time what will the big players put their cash into? The answer like you say is the USD cash and gold. No one will go Euro cash as negative rates are changed on overnight deposits. While neither of us are gold bugs (thankfully) I only see gold rising as a hedge against negative rates of government otherwise it is inert and has real value (sorry for those who think of it as money) my local Tesco does not take gold. So in this sense Gold may rise temporarily ahead of a stock market rise; but US assets in particular are sure to pick it up and over take it? In US terms as an UK investor I don't see US stocks as overvalued as in part they are an investment (despite lower yields of late) but they are a hedge against my currencies weakness. Even after todays blip (which I think we agreed was too early), the FED is the only central bank talking about hikes not negative rates.
  6. Of course this is the joke with the gold bug, gold will only really rise in line with other assets. So in this sense it is a hedge against government and a part preservation of purchasing power, but only in so much as it can be made liquid with ease. We won't have hyperinflation. I doubt the USD won't crash either, at least not until it has crippled itself with is own strength as people park money in it.
  7. I am waiting for a collapse in government bond prices, but when that occurs (i.e. the central banks are the only buyers) perhaps both stocks and gold will rise together as people flee failing government debt? I was at a pension seminar about 4 months ago and the US firm said they had 90% invested in equities and about 10% in government bonds and where pursuing growth - good I thought. But they said something that slightly shocked me in reference to the next crisis: "We define a bear market in equities as a period of 3 months of negative growth with 20% decline from the top; if that where to continue, we could shift ($65B fund size) to safe government bonds within 3-4 weeks." Is this what we are waiting for? Is this a normal position for most pension funds? I believe this might be this is the type of impetus to get everyone the wrong side. Government bonds return next to nothing, but apparently return the face value but almost never with inflation taken into account. Could this be the set up for catching us offside twice: 1. going long government bonds as a hedge then and getting caught with them at the bottom and 2. selling stocks / gold at bottom? I think it will be. But the timing is absolutely critical to mitigate risk, short the bonds too early or go long stock / gold too early and the depth out could be very painful. The correction is coming and perhaps the pensions position gives us insight into the timing? After which gold and most assets look to increase exponentially. Perhaps even double current price levels?
  8. It seems the 'trend' for gold on a monthly and quarterly level is bullish. However, it is under pressure at the moment, so maybe for the next move up to break 1364 on a month closing we need a bigger move down to propel it there and get the long players offside? I don't have open positions in gold live but if it hits higher at 1330 today, I would be tempted to take it back down to 1310 level, but it seems is a play against the trend as long term it is bullish.
  9. Agreed that oil is holding support at the moment.
  10. Gold has broken support at 1320, technical it seems to have broken 1313 too so next test down is 1278. A fair or good Non Farms will probably test this.