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  1. Whilst you can trade certain currency pairs, we don't offer physical delivery (i.e. you wouldn't be able to withdraw) any Chinese Yuan.
  2. Currency risk which way? If you're betting £1 a point then there isn't really any currency risk between that trade and your base currency (i.e. the currency you will be settling the trade in). Your profit and lose will tick in GBP so GBPCAD isn't an issue. There would only be a currency risk (when referenced against your base currency of account) if you're trading the CFD which is denominated in USD or CAD currency - depending on the listing. Only then would a GBPCAD / cable hedge be required.
  3. exactly that - the order type is only important for how you buy the shares in relation to it's price point. If you're looking to 'buy and hold' as a strategy then you can use use either order type.
  4. thanks for the feedback - I'll make sure to pass it on to the charts team. Whilst we don't have the SD Channel option, we do have the regular SD indicator which may be of interest.
  5. If you were to click the three line menu and 'open market in new window'... You can then see the epic in the top URL
  6. Thanks for sharing tehka - interesting idea.
  7. Nice idea thanks for sharing. I'll make sure to give this a watch.
  8. Unfortunately daily statements can't be turned off as it's a legal requirement for us to send them out whenever there is a change to your account. The only thing i can suggest is setting up a rule in your email client to automatically move them to a specific folder if you so wish. With that said, its worth keeping an eye on them so you're fully aware of what is happening on your account.
  9. An index price quoted by the exchange is a indication of the sum of the constituents within that group - it is not an asset you can trade. For example you can't 'buy a FTSE index'. To get a price you can trade off, IG will take the direct feed from the underlying futures exchange - for example the FTSE futures - and make a fair value adjustment to bring it back to a more accurate spot price. This means stripping away any dividends between now and then, and taking off interest. This means there will always be a discrepancy with the highly publicized index price. Alternatively you can always trade the Futures price on our platform which is a direct feed from the corresponding Futures exchange
  10. We have this tool which may be of use https://etfscreener.ig.com With US ETFs it's worth remembering that there may be some which you can't trade (based on your personal circumstance). That screener should show you all the ones we currently offer. If you would like one which isn't on the list, let us know and we can look to add.
  11. Yes that's correct - it'll be the same.
  12. thanks for the update @who - I'll certainly flag the demo account for a passive review just to make sure there isn't an underlying issue. All the best, and always feel free to reach out if something isn't performing as expected.
  13. At it's most basic level (with a caveat that this is an indicator for educational purposes and there are more complexities such as internal risk limits etc) if you were to short £1/pt of a UK listed company, and you were the only one who was looking to short that company on the IG platform, IG would look to go to market to short 100 shares in that company and hedge your position. IG offer you the opportunity to not own the underlying shares, however we do not bet against you and therefore would hedge your trade in the underlying market.
  14. I guess the most simple answer could be the reason here (as this isn't expected behavior and we haven't had other reports of this) but are you logged in to the same account on both devices? Can you check but making sure these two locations marry up? (MyIG on desktop and account number on mobile).
  15. great thanks for the context - we'll reach out to the team behind it and let you know as soon as we have an answer. If there are others who are using this feature and it's causing MT4 to crash - please let me know by commenting on this thread.