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  1. JamesIG

    printing a statement

    Hey you should be able to find a statement within MyIG Route would be: MyIG > Live Accounts > Statements > Open current statement
  2. JamesIG

    Overseas Use

    There should be no technical reason why you can't trade overseas unless the specific ISP or wifi provider blocks access to IG.com As far as I'm aware we haven't had any other reports of this so unfortunately I can't provide any further information.
  3. JamesIG

    Contracts Limited

    Hi thanks for the question. I have spoken to the desk and they have confirmed that the nature of your trade activity is such that we are unable to directly hedge in an underlying market or find opposing client orders to manage our internal risk. Therefore we have taken the business decision to reduce the maximum trade size, on certain products; there exists no explicit limit on maximum position size.
  4. I've recreated this on our side so I've passed this on to our mobile dealing app product owner as feedback however I have no reply at the moment I'm afraid. I'll update as appropriate.
  5. JamesIG

    Order Rejected/Deleted

    I've just had a look at your account and believe the orders you were placing were after the market closed? However it looks like you were filled the next morning when the market opened so believe this issue has been resolved. All the best.
  6. Thanks for your question. I imagine this is in part down to the FX fluctuations in GBPUSD, along with any commissions charged for executing the trade? If you do the following you can check to see what your current profit should be number of shares purchased x (stock price now - stock price then) = profit in that currency then convert back into GBP. You can either do this manually using the FX price at the time on IG, or just google "xx USD in GBP"
  7. Unfortunately we do not offer that particular exchange on our Share Dealing account and there is insufficient client demand right now to look into adding it. Thanks for the inquiry.
  8. JamesIG

    GSLO filter

    unfortunately we don't have that as a filter
  9. unfortunately for Australian share dealing accounts we only offer the following exchanges Location Commission per trade Australia $8 / 0.1% US US$10 / 2 cents per share UK £10 / 0.1% Germany €10 / 0.1% Ireland €10 / 0.1%
  10. JamesIG

    US ETF: Your order has been rejected.

    Is the ETF UCITS eligible (i.e. meaning it can be traded in an ISA)? You can find that out here https://etfscreener.ig.com I imagine it won't be, in which case you'd have to trade that in a regular share dealing account.
  11. I don't think we've had any other reports of this so likely to be something localised to you. What charts are these? New platform (with the fly out on the left) or the old platform?
  12. Hey - there are notes on this table specifically which you can see below. Dealing spreads may be offered as a fixed or variable amount. If variable spreads are in use, then the spread shown in this table is the amount of IG spread added to the underlying futures market spread. Any variable dealing spreads are marked with an asterisk (*). In other words, the 6 points is around the underlying market spread. This is relatively large for this market and therefore should be correct. Unfortunately due to a number of reasons surrounding liquidity we are unlikely to reduce this.
  13. JamesIG

    Currency translation

    not in an ISA I'm afraid - it's a legal requirement and outside IGs control, but cash must always settle in GBP (specifically in an ISA)
  14. Hi unfortunately this isnt possible but I'll make sure to pass that on to our platforms team.
  15. this is possible through something referred to as a Bed and ISA What is Bed and ISA For those who aren't aware, an Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) shelters your investments from Capital Gains Tax and further tax on dividends. The idea behind a BED & ISA is simple, as a client you can sell your non-ISA investments and then use the proceeds to buy them back immediately within an ISA, meaning the assets are in a more tax efficient wrapper. HMRC do not allow the movement of shares into an ISA, so they need to be sold and the cash transferred to the ISA before they can be repurchased. Costs of a Bed and ISA We charge £40 on the sale of shares, but no cost on the repurchase. There may be PTM Levy of £1 to pay on both sides of the trade, depending on the share and the consideration of the trade. There will be a spread charged but no more than £30 - £50, and depending on the share, you may need to pay Stamp Duty on the repurchase within their ISA. Process This needs to be done over the phone, however we are currently looking at ways to automate the process. Please give us a call and ask to speak to one of our sales traders.