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  1. This is correct - we're currently in the process of building our non-leverage platform (also called the share dealing platform) from the ground up. Rather than just a copy and paste job of the newer web trading platform on the leverage side, we want to look at the specific functions clients want from a share account and build these out. There is no definitive road map at the moment, but we are working on it.
  2. For those interested we have the iShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETF on the platform which is the largest Frontier Markets ETF with over $500m in assets. You can find this under the following title... If you would like any other asset on the dealing platform, please feel free to make a request on Community, or on this post specifically if the asset relates to FMs.
  3. Unfortunately these assets are not ISA eligible. You can find ISA eligible ETFs here https://etfscreener.ig.com/ If you don't want to use the above link, make sure each ETF is 'UCITS' eligible.
  4. You can,. This is just a regular Limit order? Unless I've read that incorrectly?
  5. Leverage fees are here (for the UK): https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges Non-leverage fees are here (for the UK): https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing/costs-fees Fees are basis the notional value of your trade. They'll either be a set fee or a fixed percentage depending on your method for trading. Card transfers are £250 however you can send us a bank transfer for any amount. You can withdraw any amount You can withdraw at any time, however of course there are banking restrictions which we must abide by - for example withdrawing on a Sunday, the funds won't be processed until the Monday. You can request withdrawals to a bank, card, or Paypal if you wish. There are no fees for a withdrawal. There are a few differences, especially because 'demo' or synthetic paper trading is hard to replicate. For example you can't easily replicate things like liquidity or market depth for shares. We don't have a margin policy on the Demo account and no automatic close out policy. There may be some other minor differences but that's usually the main one. I'm sure others will be able to suggest others.
  6. In a continued effort to increase the amount of trade ideas and strategy pieces in the web trading platform, I'm happy to announce both Live and Demo clients can now access Community threads from within the platform. This will specifically surface the very latest threads from the 'Strategy and Market Discussion' board based on the 'most recent new thread post' hierarchy. This follows further efforts such as including Reuters news and video, IGTV live video, and analyst articles into the platform. This means we're at a stage where we can produce a single news page which will collate all these channels in single view (with granular insight available on the click through). I can update when this is live. To access Community from within the web trading platform News - from the left hand menu Community - from the top level navigation 'Add to workspace' - if you're looking to add the news section as a permanent feature Video on Community location in the left hand fly out news flyout.webm
  7. I have just been informed that our new business teams tried again, but the line is dead. We have sent you an email. Please check your inbox, or give us a call.
  8. Spot Palladium is a bank / LP quoted price, and their spreads are very very wide at the moment due to recent volatility. It's actually cheaper to trade the future so we set the Spot to closing only. This should save money for clients. At the time of writing Spot has a spread of 7 points and you then pay overnight funding. At the time of writing Futures have a 2 point spread and you don't pay overnight funding. Hope this clarifies.
  9. One of the most searched assets on the IG platform has been Palladium this week, so I thought I'd just give a run down of a few things which may be useful to help your trading. Some of these are basics for the new trader, but there may be one of two things which you find useful. How to trade Palladium and where to research fundamentals FIND: under the commodities section, or using the search at the top WATCHLIST: right click on the asset and 'add to watchlist' if you want quicker access to this in the future NEWS: start your research on Palladium using the 'News' section at the bottom of the chart, or in the News flyout on the left SWITCH: swapping between spot and futures may be useful if you're going for a longer term view WORKSPACE: add to workspace to access the chart without using the flyout. Resize as required BUY/SELL: if you want to trade immediatly, access your deal ticket here WTO warns of slow down in trade growth - impact on mining sector Further reading Palladium Price: More Losses Likely as ’Bubble’ Bursts on DailyFX (March 29th) Brexit Rumours, Palladium Bubble, EURUSD Outlook - US Market Open on DailyFX (March 29th) Community thread on Palladium as below
  10. Can I also suggest a webinar we have tonight at 8.30 with Tyler Yell which specifically covers the FX market pulling out key themes and recent price action. You can review all webinars here, as well as check out other areas of Academy using the links at the top of the page. https://www.ig.com/uk/learn-to-trade/ig-academy/sessions More broadly speaking, DFX is also a very useful sight for researching the FX market and getting the best out of IG. Hope this helps https://www.dailyfx.com/
  11. Hi - we've tried to call you to get this sorted however the number you provided doesn't seem to work. We've sent a follow up email so please double check that.
  12. Thought this was related: https://www.coindesk.com/the-sec-just-released-its-crypto-token-guidance
  13. Exactly. Therefore you wouldn't be able to transfer actual bitcoin (or any other crypto) - you can only trade on it's price action.
  14. I believe the MT4 RSS is a 'free' service, whilst the IG News fly out is actually a data feed we have paid for. Unsure if we can copy it over. Let me check and I'll let you know.
  15. Your MT4 account should have a 5 digit login, purely numerical, which we would have sent via email. Please check your junk folder in case the email is in there. If not you're going to need to drop us an email at helpdesk@ig.com with your name, DOB, and address to request a reminder.
  16. It works well - Nimbus Screenshot and Video Recorder is the name. Not an endorsement or prompt to download, just informational
  17. this isn't possible I'm afraid. Out of interest are you referring to News items or Stock prices? We have the twitter feed down the right for 'tick' news, along with the news fly out on the left with content pushed in real time (for example RNS alerts etc), and then obviously the whole platform itself has live prices on, so no real need for that in my eyes. What are you wanting to use it for?
  18. The yellow emoji won't be effected by skin tone, however the emoji which are more lifelike will be - for example thumbs up 👍🏻 and 👍🏽is the same with different skin tone.
  19. no worries - I actually just recorded that just now using a chrome extension. Thought it may be useful for answering questions and give a slightly better insight rather than just images.
  20. whoops. admin error. can't get the staff these days. Fixed. Should see updated options right here.... 💀☠️
  21. Exactly that caseynotes, its just a bit of manual resizing. For newer clients and those who want to see a quick set up, check out the video below. Also worth noting that at the end of the video I add Bitcoin to show you how to get multiple tabs going, and then see a massive spike so go in to investigate a different time frame ....so you can all ignore that part. screen-record.webm
  22. yes thats correct - that should be the rate which is prevailing in the market at that time. For major currencies there really isn't much fluctuation in this (unless there is an interest rate change by the central banks) or significant manipulation by way of central governments (for example the recent TRY spikes).
  23. As I said I can't comment on other providers as I don't know their practices. What I do know is that in the underlying market TomNext rates are in constant fluctuation and there is no freeze or fixed rate between 3pm and 10pm as you stated others do. After 10pm each night we shop around all the liquidity providers (banks) we have access to and get the best possible rate we can. Different LP's (banks) can skew their TomNext rates based on a number of factors such as their exposure, so it's good practice to make sure we do this. We then pass the best possible rate onto our clients positions. Finally, it goes without saying that we are regulated by the regions in which we operate, namely the FCA in the UK.
  24. The swap rates are indicative, in fact we have made sure that we are as clear about this as possible on the platform. You can see this statement when you roll over the swap bid/offer. The reason this is indicative is that the swap rates are only decided at 5pm New York time (which is 10pm UK time). Before that the rates are not known so we wouldn't be able to speculate on the 10pm rate for someone who opens their positions at say, 2pm. These indicative rates are as accurate as we can possibly make them. I can't comment on what other providers do, but they also wouldn't be able to know the exact TomNext rate prior.