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  1. If you like to change between different intervals on the IG desktop charts (from 1 minute candlesticks to 5 or 10 minute candles, or to hours, days or months) then we've just made it easier with keyboard shortcuts. Whilst on a chart you can type any number from 1 to 5 on your keyboard to bring up a small 'interval' dialogue box, confirm your choice, and hit enter. For example: 1 minute intervals: type 1 then enter 5 minute intervals: type 5 then enter 1 hour intervals: type 1 h then enter 2 hour intervals: type 2 h then enter 1 week intervals: type 1 w then enter See crosshair data on future dates You can now place your cursor/crosshair on a future date and see the level and time/date where you are positioned. Whilst this is a very minor update which could be seen as a trivial feature, it can become quite handy if you're looking at a trend and want to know exact levels and the time they will be reached. Simply position your cursor in the future and you’ll see the corresponding information straight away. If you have any questions or feedback on this, please feel free to share in the Comment section below.
  2. Please double check your settings in MyIG > Settings > Price and Dealing Alerts. Make sure the 'dealing' section is ticked as appropriate.
  3. Margin is returned instantaneously. Please try and refresh the platform in case this is just a display issue caused by the browser. Please also check the open positions to make sure the position has actually been closed, and that you haven't accidentally gone long and short by using the 'force open' option available on the deal ticket.
  4. Hey - as noted in the message I just sent you I believe we have tried a number of times to contact you based on the details linked to your account. I believe looking at the correspondence that we've had with yourself, over this period Deutsche was in an auction period which means the underlying exchange halted the ability to trade this stock. This was reflected on the IG platform over the same time.
  5. Our charts team sort prioritization by a number of things - most notably on feedback from clients. Unfortunately whilst it may be very important for some, when you look holistically at the client base it isn't requested as much as you would like. We collate feedback from 200,000 clients all over the world and at this stage it doesn't seem as highly requested as other features. Even on Communities 34,000 posts it's only been noted maybe twice in over 4 years? Furthermore, there are other things which come into consideration - technical requirements, cost benefit analysis, whether or not we have the option on a different charting package etc. Whilst you can't get log scales on IG charts, you can on ProRealTime which may be worth investigating (via PRT settings). Hope this helps.
  6. The Barrier price is the distance between IG’s underlying price and the knock out level + premium. For example as below, the market is 28725 and the KO is 27000 (which is a difference of 1275). The KO premium is 10, so the price is 1285. In your example the barrier price is the 50 points plus whatever the KO premium is. If you fill in a deal ticket, the premium and price should auto populate.
  7. Don't believe we have had any other reported issues with demo accounts. What specifically are you referring to / what do you see / what error message do you get? Have you tried on an alternative browser / device?
  8. Hey - I've asked the Trading Services team on this side to give you a call. I believe they were still investigating the event. They should be in contact today.
  9. Hey @MrE - we have a number or resources available which guide you through these first steps of spread betting (or CFD trading if you're outside the UK). Video on how to spread bet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhJIV5wmiaE Article on IG.com: https://www.ig.com/uk/spread-betting/what-is-spread-betting-how-does-it-work Our interactive Academy course: https://www.ig.com/uk/learn-to-trade/ig-academy (also check out the Live Session tab for other webinars) Let me know if you're spread betting or on a CFD account and i'll try and give a worked example laying out the 'cost', as well as deposit required to place the trade, and your total notional expo
  10. Hey - I believe this was because the Market Maker quote was worse than best bid/offer, and quote size is less than NMS which means the trade was rejected for best ex. I believe this has gone through now (with the RSP 'get quote' being at or within the BBO) but let us know
  11. I don't believe so, however I've reached out to our Charts product owner and I'll get back with a more conclusive answer.
  12. You should be able to login here with your IG details https://www.dailyfx.com/login
  13. You can see more information here, including constituent makeup.
  14. Hey - the requirements for an IG password include 8-20 characters one upper case character one lower case character one number
  15. Unfortunately our API doesn't support the share dealing platform I'm afraid, and I'm unaware of any other portfolio tracking applications.
  16. For those interested we did a video on this recently
  17. hey - spread (in the same way as for FX, futures and shares) are variable based on the underlying liquidity and any market volatility. At the moment I can see that BTC is 50, however earlier today it was 38.
  18. JamesIG

    Silver Bullet

    Some IG content on Silver for those interested...
  19. What do you mean visually? You can obviously see your open positions and running P&L, but are you referring more to infographics / charts etc?
  20. We are now live with our 'Crypto 10 Index' for all clients*. You can find this asset via the dealing platform 'Search' function on mobile or the desktop trading platform, or via the left hand 'Cryptocurrency' fly-out on the desktop platform. What is the 'Crypto 10 Index'? The Crypto 10 Index represents the performance of the largest 10 tokens (constituents at the bottom), selected and weighted by market capitalization. At current crypto currency prices the index captures close to $320Bn of market cap, representing over 85% of the total capitalization of all traded digital assets. Trade 24 hours a day (excluding Friday 10pm to Saturday 4am London time). Take advantage of the recent crypto markets volatility - go long or short the index. The index is priced in USD, and is calculated and managed by BITA GmbH. Please find product data information on your local Help and Support page. You can see the UK page here. What are the constituents of the Index? The constituents of the index, which are subject to change, are as follows: *excluding the US, Japan, and Singapore
  21. Hey - please login to MyIG and simply go to the Withdrawal screen. If you haven't added details you'll need to do so.
  22. Worth noting that if you wanted to do this trade we have the ETHBTC cross on the platform so you don't necessarily have to 'buy ETH sell BTC' in the strictest sense. You can do this in one trade.
  23. This seems to be an issue isolated to you and your desktop browser. Please make sure you have access granted to flash, and that there are no firewall settings which restrict the page from loading.
  24. What specifically would you like help with?