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  1. Just had a look at a few of these and TF is right. It's worth noting that we can't offer OTC stock either as they are not centrally traded. Requirements as a general rule as market cap of $250m for US stock and £10m for UK.
  2. Just had a look at this one and can see the MCap is $85m which is unfortunately short of our 250m requirement for American equities (i.e. is is too illiquid and has a small market cap to offer on leverage trading accounts). You can however own this stock outright via a share dealing account.
  3. This should help - all the best https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/accounts-and-statements/my-accounts/what-is-a-professional-client-and-how-do-i-become-one
  4. I imagine this was because you placed a limit day order which is only good until the end of the day (i.e. the underlying exchange will delete it). Please either place a limit GTC (good till cancel) or an RSP quote today. Hope this clarifies - if you'd like more info please give us a call as I wouldn't want to go into any more detail about your account specifically on a public forum.
  5. Borrow costs are huge at 32.51% currently. This is a cost in the underlying market. Tesla, by comparison, is 1.42%
  6. @TrendFollower - Sort Interest is over 35% for Beyond Meat. To put that in perspective, Tesla is closer to 28%. Unfortunately you'd have to call to see if we can get borrow on a case by case basis. Sort interest costs will also likely be large.
  7. JamesIG


    Just seen this ported. Probably what you're after?
  8. Thanks - I'll raise that to the team.
  9. Hi folks - I'm sorry to report that Google have released a new version of Chrome which does not work with the IG Trading Android app. Web pages in the app including Charts, Market data, account opening form, appropriateness quiz etc fail to load. This was due to a roll out from Chrome and there was no forewarning for us on our side to test this. We are working on a fix to get around the problem with this new version of Chrome, and hope to have it live by Monday. There is a chance Google will have reverted the rollout of this new Chrome by then too - the best way to keep updated is to check https://status.ig.com/ which will update with more information as it becomes avaliable, and any rollouts.
  10. Are you referring to the link here: https://community.ig.com/igtv/ ? The latest show will always be the first video displayed and there isn't a unique URL for each video I'm afraid.
  11. Just had a look at the terms and conditions on the email and it looks to state (under section 5) "Promotion commences 29/04/2019 and closes on 11/06/2019. The winning entry will be selected at random from those submitted through the survey. The draw will take place at Investment Trends’ Head Office, on 14/06/2019 at 2:30pm (EST)." I imagine everyone will be notified after this date. Hope this helps.
  12. Hey - when we take the most liquid front month contracts this doesn't necessarily mean this month and next. As you can see from the volumes below, in the case of Soybeans this relates to Jul and Nov. The open interest and also volume are significantly higher in these contracts than in others, and therefore we're far more likely to get a good price when dealing in size for our clients. I hope this clarifies.
  13. Thanks - we're reviewing all assets (as we do periodically) so i'll make sure to pass this on.
  14. Thanks - I'll certainly pass this on to the dealing desk. EDIT: moved this to Feedback and Suggestions.
  15. We currently do not offer accounts to Canadian residence I'm afraid.
  16. Please double check your 'force open / net off' settings. There is a little 'i' which can be used for more info.
  17. The spot price tracks the undated commodities model which can be seen here https://www.ig.com/uk/commodities Its a blend of the most liquid front month contracts.
  18. Thanks for the request. I'll make sure to pass these comments on to our Charting product owner.
  19. When you first go to the etfscanner.ig.com you'll be asked if you want to see all ETFs or just ISA eligible ones. This is because legally some ETFs are not UCITS or ISA eligible.
  20. If you move to an alternative country you'd have to open a direct account with that office. In the case of Japan that would be ig.com/jp - this is due to different legal jurisdictions among other things.
  21. You can, however you'd need to give us a call for a quote / to deal. You can monitor (without executing) deals on your mobile.
  22. Thanks for the suggestion - I'll make sure I forward to the appropriate teams in our UX dev catch up.
  23. Hey @Volcano - you can set stop loss orders on share dealing, however they wouldn't be on the same deal ticket. You can learn more about that here:
  24. Hi folks - at present there are no plans RE: monetisation of the Community. Careers at IG can be found on our group website: https://www.iggroup.com/careers