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  1. May be of interest to some - USDCAD covered by JM today
  2. Hi folks - friendly reminder to try and keep conversation on Community and refrain from posting personal details. We must edge on the side of caution when it comes to the slightest hint of solicitation.
  3. Yes correct - the Smart Portfolio has a TCO starting at 0.91% and goes as low as 0.36%. You can read more about fees here https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/smart-portfolios/costs-fees and the Portfolio in general here https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/smart-portfolios
  4. We aggregate client exposure, internalise flow as efficiently as possible, and hedge any exposure which goes outside of these parameters. We don't trade against our client base, we don't have an opinion of market movements or direction, and our focus is to execute trades basis the best prices in the underlying market. In some instances, for example high volume trades or trades of significant size, we'll have to go to market immediately as these go outside our risk parameters - i.e. passed to market outside of our OTC retail aggregation. However, we also offer the FX DMA option for clients who want all their trades pushed to market directly - so called "A book". https://www.ig.com/uk/forex/forex-direct
  5. As you've posted as a guest i can't see your account type? Please confirm if its share dealing, spread betting or CFD trading account and i'll be able to go over the nuanced aspects of each account.
  6. I'll make sure to pass that on - would be useful for sure and help resolve the bid/offer spread questions and help people see their stops/limits being triggered
  7. to echo caseynotes - you'd need to wait until the order open to add the trailing stop. Unfortunately you can't add that option to orders.
  8. Hi all - when it comes to spread betting we have found that only a handful of clients are using the product. We have therefore taken the decision to stop offering this on spread betting. Open positions are currently due to expire on the 01-Aug-2019, at which point any positions will be settled and we will not be listing new contracts for spread betting. All clients who actually use this product should have been contacted.
  9. I've just had a look at your account and believe it is active? If you are having issues logging in please double check, or reset, your password. Feel free to give us a call if required.
  10. Unfortunately I would not be able to advise, however you can use our ETF screener here https://etfscreener.ig.com
  11. Thanks very much for the suggestion. I'll make sure to pass it on in our weekly feedback meeting.
  12. Thanks caseynotes. This link may also be of interest @Daz1981 https://www.ig.com/uk/client-funds
  13. Unfortunately we do not offer share dealing accounts to residence of the Philippines. I'd suggest researching local providers who should be able to assist.
  14. There are a number of factors which could result in this message - when it happens again if you give us a call we should be able to give clear insight as to why. We also have a mobile app which means you can trade 'on the go'. Check the relevant app store of IG.com for more info.
  15. As a share broker we execute your order and provide you with the relevant trading statement and end of year statement. When it comes to tax this is down to the client based on their personal circumstance.
  16. Unfortunately we have recently removed Cannabis stock from the Share dealing platform. This was on the back of a review of the regulatory and political implications of offering Cannabis stocks in the UK with a recreational link. You can therefore only trade this on a leverage account which is a derivative and hedged via swaps.
  17. Unfortunately the only answer i can give on this is that we're working on. We have no ETA at this time.
  18. Hey folks. I believe you may be referring to 5.00am GMT rather than 17.00pm GMT today (the 28th)? Whilst I understand the frustration of having a position closed out, especially at times of thin liquidity or heightened volatility which causes spreads to widen, I wanted to reassure you that IG prices are reflective of the underlying FX market at the time. Client satisfaction is an absolute priority, and we understand the competitive nature of our niche trading offering. I believe an important factor in IG's success over the years is a commitment to work closely with regulators and appropriate governing bodies. As noted we're regulated by the FCA in the UK and ASIC in Australia. Other office locations are regulated by the appropriate authorities. Unlike shares or futures trading, FX doesn’t trade on a centralised exchange in the same way, so we need to shop around for over the counter liquidity providers such as international banks and financial institutions. To do this, we collate several feeds from some of the largest providers and use a smart order router to push you the best bid/offer spread to trade. Whilst IG spread around this is variable, it's based on movements in the underlying. Most importantly, we never take a speculative view on the direction of the market. While it is a well-known fact that successful trading can be challenging, we do not typically benefit from trading losses that an unsuccessful client may experience. In the same vein, if you make money from a profitable trade, IG does not typically lose out. Put simply, we want our clients to trade profitably, and we put client interests at the heart of our business. Revenue is generated from spreads and administrative costs, and in some jurisdictions separate commission. It therefore goes without saying that we do not manipulate price feeds, hunt stop losses etc. The below video may be of interest, with insight into FX pricing starting around the 2 minute mark. If at any point you wanted to question or check our prices, please feel free to give us a call and we can look into your query in real time.
  19. Hey thanks for the question. When it comes to share dealing account custody fees in the UK: The custody fee is also dependent on your trading activity, and commissions paid during the quarter will be deducted from the fee. You will be exempt from the charge if you fulfil one of the following criteria: Deal three or more times on your share dealing account during the quarter Hold investments worth £15,000 or more across your IG Smart Portfolio accounts only, at the end of the quarter https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing/costs-fees
  20. Looking at your account you have PRT enabled on your live account? You should therefore be able to use in Demo. Double check this in your MyIG settings area here: My IG > Settings > ProRealTime
  21. Yes - L2 and DMA access implies that you are putting orders directly into the FX spot market and our LPs, or into an exchange such as the LSE, NYSE or similar. You can not do this on a demo account because that would imply you'd be setting orders on these global exchanges with fictitious funds and dummy trades.
  22. This has been something I've posted before, so sorry to the longer term Community members who may have already seen it, however it's something which I think is very interesting - and it directly addresses your point on 'the 80%'. Put simply, the best method to a successful outcome is to have a trading plan where you know your win to loss ratio going into a trade, you run your wins and cut your losses. This obviously should be taken as a parallel piece of advise and runs with the actual trade strategy itself. The 81% number is a top level statistic which I don't really think shows the ins and outs of client trade activity. If you want to use statistics and data then you need to dig much deeper into the numbers and in my personal opinion people shouldn't take these headline numbers as facts without substantiating them first. I've linked to a couple of insights we do have, noticeably which show analysis of 43 million trades, to show that actually on average on a per trade basis clients are winning more than 50% of their trades. If you were to take EURUSD for example a whopping 61% of trades are actually profitable - i.e. the client is winning their trade - and on average they book 48 pips. This means that only 39% of trades which clients took on EURUSD were loss making. The issue is clients on average hold their losing trades longer - in this study for about 83 pips. Each person needs to make their own trade plan, but the data is pretty sturdy. Another important point on the 43 million live trades analysis is that traders who upheld a 1 for 1 risk reward trade ratio had a better than half chance of being profitable after 12 months. Specifically 53%. Those who didn't have that 1 to 1 only had a 17% chance of being profitable after 12 months. The data therefore suggests that account profitability is wholly down to a client sticking to a trading plan over a longer period of time. Daily FX Article: https://www.dailyfx.com/forex/fundamental/article/special_report/2015/06/25/what-is-the-number-one-mistake-forex-traders-make.html Again, in my opinion for any serious trader this podcast could very well be the most important 8 minute podcast they could listen to: Listen to How To Trade Well: Avoiding the #1 Mistake Traders Make from Trading Global Markets Decoded in Podcasts >> https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/trading-global-markets-decoded/id1440995971?mt=2&i=1000423861432
  23. the story continues but the news rooms are looking more at 'when' rather than 'if'. This has happened before though... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48366977
  24. A short post, but one which people probably shouldn't breeze over so lightly. Whilst this shouldn't be construed as financial advise from myself, and any trade or strategy decision you make must be entirely your own, it's important to notice when your convictions are not met and you need to either cut the trade, cut your losses, take your profit, or reevaluate the market. Statistically on the data we've seen people more often than not are winning their trades, however they hang onto the loss making trades for far more pips which negatively impacts their trade balance which factors into 'the 80%'. Good job for stating so publicly.