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  1. Thanks for the update. I have submitted a request to our shares desk and this should be resolved shortly.
  2. Hi thanks for your question, and to for the information he provided. BTC and ETH will be traded from 8am on Sunday morning through to 10pm on Friday night (London time) (market holidays permitting), with this information on the primary page and FAQ's. You can see that for Bitcoin here. I appreciate that the current crypto markets are traded outside of these hours, and there are a few clients who want to trade these assets throughout the weekend. I will make sure to pass this onto our dealing desk as feedback and client sentiment, and I know we are looking at our full crypto offerin
  3. Hi , thanks for your message. Currently we have no plans on adding Ninja Trader functionality, however I have passed this on to our technical support manager as feedback. We periodically collate all feedback, and if there is sufficient client demand then we do of course seriously review such suggestions. However, given a number of things in the IG road map I don't believe that there will be N.T. integration in the short to mid term. I would recommend having a good look at the MT4 and ProRealTime offering as there are a number of third party plugins. MT4 specifically supports millions
  4. Hi thanks for letting everyone know how to resolve the issue. I've just included a screenshot below which maybe of additional benefit for others. Are there any other PRT questions you have?
  5. Hi , thanks for your question. Trading Hong Kong shares is currently only available on the leveraged CFD and Spread Betting platforms. You can review the commission for CFD and spread betting spreads at those respective links. As noted you can either use the company name or ticker code to bring up the stock in the platform, however if you can't find it please let us know and we can see if it's possible to add. We require all new stock requests on a case by case basis depending on liquidity, market cap and free float levels, as well as other factors such as price action and historical ma
  6. Great to hear from you - such a good in-depth introduction, and of course welcome to the community! You've joined at a great time - we shall be looking at making a number of important changes over the next few months so you get to view the 'old' and 'new' layout and offering. The first small change we have is to change the 'Morning Call' to a 'Daily Discussion'. Hopefully a completely new feel with some more engaging content. From your intro-post I think you'd be interested in the Macro Wrap section at the top? We'd love to hear your feedback as a comment on the above post, and I know
  7. Hi and I just wanted to quickly reply to your comments regarding the variability in spreads on FX, specifically during periods of increased volatility. This relates to how FX is priced and dealt in the underlying market, and how this spread is variable basis the wider global financial system. There is also a very interesting video which I have included below. I would recommend watching it all, however the FX section specifically starts at about 2 minutes. FX isn't priced by a central exchange like shares, but is instead quoted by bank and other institutions. This means the FX quote c
  8. Hi Mickey, let me answer these questions for you. 1) In the underlying market Bitcoin is traded on centralized and de-centralized exchanges, however there isn't a single best bid and offer. We therefore take the feed from a number of different exchanges, and take the best bid/offer quotes to provide the tightest spread. We then wrap an IG spread around these quotes. The spread can be wide for a number of reasons, however the most important to take note of is that you are dealing on a leveraged position. 1 Contract in BTC will be 100 coins, which is highly unlikely to be able to execute at
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply. Let me try and clarify things, and give you more insight into the variable spreads which are applied to our options pricing. Options pricing will be variable basis the time of day, as well as the current premium applied. The desk view 'in hours' to be between 08.04am and 16.30pm London time, with the spreads changing at these times for 99% of the time. Dec DAX options for example will have an 'in hours' spread of between 5-6 points, where the spread will be 5 for premiums of 50 or less, and 6 for premiums of 60 plus. Anything between this will be variable on a
  10. Hopefully I can shed some light on this for you. During the cash market of the FTSE we are able to offer options with tight spreads. This is because there is an underlying market to hedge in, and an efficient representation of the current market. When the cash market shuts, i.e. after 16.30pm, we are providing the market, and subsequently the pricing for these options. Due to a lack of an underlying market to hedge in, as well as reduced liquidity in the Futures, then spreads will increase in the same way as they do on other traded instruments. In response to the GBPUSD Flash Crash ea
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