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  1. You can see which geographical locations can get leverage that large here: https://www.ig.com/uk/compare-our-leveraged-trading
  2. Hey - i've had a look at the account linked to this Community account and I can't see a fully open account? Please get in contact with our New Business team directly (we would have emailed you details) and we can look into this. As a side note, you can't get L2 data on a demo account.
  3. Unfortunately this isn't possible, but thanks for the question. You should still be able to use stops and limits on MT4.
  4. yes - unfortunately these are tiny companies which means we can't offer them. In the order you listed above we're talking market caps of 16, 21, 16 and 17 million USD. Minimums on US equities are $250m.
  5. Hi @hariboid - Whilst this has be posted on other areas of the forum, I thought I'd copy the comments to this thread which should give some insight into the decision we have made to stop offering Cannabis stocks for UK share dealing clients, but allow leverage CFD (and spread betting in the UK) : IG has become aware of various financial institutions performing reviews of the regulatory and political implications of offering Cannabis stocks in the UK with a recreational link, and because of this and IG's own internal review the stocks listed are no longer appropriate for IG's risk appetite. Therefore there has been a business decision to take action as quickly as possible but within the legal allowances detailed in IG's Customer Agreement. Regarding why we can continue to offer these stocks on leverage accounts, the reason is that there is additional certainty with regards to derivatives referencing the underlying stocks, and as IG uses swaps to hedge our clients' leveraged trades with us, we will not be engaged in the physical trading of recreational linked cannabis stocks. It's also worth noting that a number of other stockbrokers have also recently taken similar action. As stated on other threads... Unfortunately I am unable to advise on other companies [specific] dealing practices, however in the interest of forum transparency other Community members are more than welcome to have their say as some already have (in accordance with our terms of service and within reason of course). When it comes to 'moving' stock we are unfortunately unable to facilitate a stock transfer and you can only sell to close with us when it comes to Cannabis stocks on a share dealing (and/or ISA account in the UK). Our CFDs and Spread Betting leverage accounts remain unaffected by this decision. To shift your exposure from IG would therefore require you to sell on IG and buy on an alternative brokers platform. One possible option to reduce market movements / fluctuations in the individual share price over this period and reflect exposure on this new broker is to set simultaneous orders in the same auction with IG and the new broker. As a service industry customer satisfaction is an absolute priority, and whilst I understand the frustration with the outlined action, we must act appropriately given our recent review of the regulatory and political implications of offering Cannabis stocks in the UK with a recreational link.
  6. if you want to list the stock i'll be able to look into that for you. Given the thread I would imagine that these are highly illiquid, small market cap stock, however there may be other reasons - so let me know.
  7. I can't find an MT4 account linked to the email address or community username you made this comment with. Please go to MyIG and add an MT4 account - from there you'll receive your login details. If you have an account under a different email, please drop us an email requesting a reset of your password and a reminder or your username.
  8. You should be able to see these in the statements section of MyIG, however this unfortunately won't be available until mid July.
  9. You should be able to login using the same details as you have on the regular browser login / dealer. Please make sure you also have level 2 data enabled (available to toggle in MyIG https://www.ig.com/uk/myig/settings/data-feeds) however if you're still having problems please give us a call and we can go over some troubleshooting.
  10. I've flagged your account to the relevant team who should be in contact shortly. Whilst I do believe we've reached out to you on this previously, it may be worth checking your emails (including junk) once again as any correspondence may have been misfiled.
  11. trailing stops are not available on every market, and they also are no available on regular orders. Which asset are you trying to trade on? If you provide more details I should be able to assist.
  12. Unfortunately you haven't logged in to leave your comment, and because of that I am unable to leave your account. Please give us a call and one of our trading services team will be able to immediately deal with your query.
  13. There are caveats which apply. You can read more at the above link, or the following may be useful... Sophisticated ETF investors A potential exception exists if your platform allows so-called sophisticated investors to buy US-domiciled ETFs. You may qualify if you can demonstrate that you are a professional investor, or are otherwise highly qualified, with the knowledge and experience to understand the risks of the product. Qualification under this exception depends on your broker deciding that you meet the UK definition of a sophisticated investor. You may also need a very large portfolio (over £500,000).
  14. Hey folks - we've had some replies to those two questions as bellow... "RRGs were never designed to be a trading system and have specific "rules" for entry and exit. They are much more a visualization tool. The best comparison is with a regular price/bar-chart. What are the entry and exit points there? Some use, for example, 10-day breakouts while others use 50-day breakouts. Same tool, different rules. Also the time frame is very important. The image on a daily bar-chart is much more granular than on a weekly bar-chart. Same goes for a Relative Rotation Graph. RRGs based on daily data rotate much faster than RRGs using weekly data. As a rule of thumb we know that for example crossovers from improving into leading are conservative, late, entries. Crossovers from lagging into improving are very aggressive, and therefore higher risk but a better reward when the rotation continues all the way through. The sweet-spot is probably somewhere in the middle depending on your risk-appetite." "Personally I like to have what I call a "raw" relative strength line in my charts in combination with the RRG-Lines (JdK RS-Ratio and JdK RS-Momentum). If you want to combine a relative view with an absolute (price based) view I primarily use a plain vanilla bar-chart or candle-chart and maybe add a 9-period RSi and a MACD to asses trends in price."
  15. Which shares are you referring to? Generally speaking we don't have every single exchange set up for non leverage, and therefore we can only offer on OTC leverage. I assume this is what you are referring to.
  16. FYI this is now live via the IG Trading Platform.
  17. Hi folks, you may have seen the 'announcement' on Community, but at 10:30 today we'll have Julius de Kempenear, founder of Relative Rotation Graphs (RRGs) discussing GBP and how it is trading among its peers, as well as the future prospects of the FTSE 100. We'll be discussing the sectors on the move and how RRG’s try to identify a trend. Do you have any questions?! Submit them before 10:15 and I'll make sure Jeremy gets them. If you wanted a quick overview on RRGs check out some of the posts above, or the below videos (which granted is a couple years old now). Questions on specific assets Questions on RRGs Youtube videos here.
  18. Absolutely @Matt_Stocker - the whole purpose of Community is to offer that transparent open space to all clients (and guests!) who have questions. No one can know everything, especially given the number of markets we offer and the multitude of different dealing and trading functionalities and strategies, so its always best to put your questions to the forum. Happy trading - shout if we can ever help further.
  19. Micro Focus has recently undergone a stock consolidation (a corporate action) in the underlying market which we have reflected on your account. Depending on your line (US or UK) the following should apply.
  20. Hey - this stock is now trading US OTC so you'd have to call us to close this I'm afraid as it is no longer centrally or electronically matched in the underlying market.
  21. On the back of recent client feedback you can now customise the Stochastic and KDJ indicator levels on IG charts. Once you have added either of these indicators (which you can do by right clicking > indicator > stochastic) simply click the label in the bottom left of the chart and the option window will appear. You should be able to amend the Overbought and Oversold levels here along with some other variable to customise further.
  22. As far as I can see this transaction / withdrawal was processed successfully yesterday? If you are still having issues please give us a call and we can try and help over the phone. Unfortunately we can't assist with specific payment queries on Community dude to personal data and details on a public forum.
  23. Hey - unfortunately I can't see any information as you've posted as a 'Guest'. Can you please give us a call and say you're locked out of your Demo and someone will be able to assist. You can either do that or get in contact via LiveChat (at IG.com).
  24. Whilst I'll leave any subjective replies to your queries to other Community members, there's an article here which you may find interesting / useful. https://www.ig.com/uk/trading-strategies/a-beginner_s-guide-to-swing-trading-39725-170830