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  1. The margin is a fixed percentage of the notional size of the trade, so to answer your second questions - yes.
  2. We have recently released a charting update which gives you a brief overview of the indicators on the IG platform and how you can use them to get the most out of your technical analysis. We plan to roll this out imminently for the various drawing tools we have on the platform as well. You can see how this looks in the image above. How to access IG indicator descriptions on our charts Either right click on the chart and select 'Indicator' or use the 'Indicator' button at the top of each chart. Bring up the indicator you want more information on by hovering over it. A little 'i' symbol will appear when you hover over each one. Hovering over this information button will bring up the relevant info. You can scroll on these boxes. How IG acts on client feedback You can submit feedback in a number of ways, the most convenient of which is via the IG Community Feedback and Suggests board. Other methods include email, via live chat, and within the dealing platform itself in the top right hand corner drop down. We host weekly and monthly meetings specifically designed to focus on getting individual client feedback to our developers, stakeholders, and senior management teams. All feedback channels are discussed, so every comment you leave with us is passed on to the appropriate team. You can read more information on how this works using the link to the right.
  3. This will have to be done over the phone. Please give us a call (number available on IG.com contact us section).
  4. Very broad question. If you have any further information let us know as it'll probably help.
  5. Hey - there are security measures in place to make sure this doesn't happen. The name on the cards must match your own, there are minimum wait periods and additional validation requirements if withdrawing to a new source, and the card must be used to make a deposit. This means the back end checks as used on other websites is completed and should keep you safe. Any other questions about account security, please just ask.
  6. Hey folks. The new Cannabis index offered by IG has only just been launched and therefore we haven't kicked off any marketing or promotion at this point in time. We have it scheduled in though so we'll make sure all relevant clients are aware of our offering and provide all educational and informative material. Thanks for notifying me of the chart spike. Charts are indicative and it looks like this was a miscellaneous print which we will investigate. I've spoken to the trading IT team and they've gone and manually removed the incorrect tick. This should update on your charts shortly. Apologies but thanks again. (NB: any orders, limits, stops etc wouldn't have been triggered off an indicative charting spike.) The Cannabis index itself: The Cannabis Index captures the Gross Total Return Performance of the 20* largest publicly listed US and Canadian companies with direct revenue exposure to the cannabis industry. The index itself cannot be traded in the underlying market (hedging will be done in the constituent stocks), therefore we cannot work orders in the index, but are happy with OTC orders to open. Weightings (subject to change but correct at point of posting) As a side note: When it comes to Cannabis, individual stock can no longer be bought, but this only applies to Share Dealing accounts (however you can sell to close). You can still buy or sell individual Cannabis stock on leverage (as below).
  7. Each account activation will be specific to information you submitted when signing up. Please check your emails as we would have sent the required information. Make sure you check the Junk folder as well. Any other questions please call as we'll be able to deal with your query immediately.
  8. You have a few options here Jakylls Open Offer (information here: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/o/openoffer.asp ) If you have a long positions can: Do nothing. The Offer will lapse on your account (Market Default). Take up the Offer. You will need to either reply to the email from Corporate Actions which we sent out or call IG to notify us of your instruction to Take Up before the deadline. If you have a short position (only possible on leverage accounts) can: Hold your position until expiry and risk being taken up against meaning your Offer position will be converted into the underlying position at the subscription price going short. Positions with Guaranteed Stops (only possible on leverage accounts😞 Positions with Guaranteed Stops will be closed based on the close of business price on the business day preceding the Ex-date. A new position will be opened at an adjusted level, stop and size to reflect the above terms to take up the Offer automatically. The monetary risk of the trade will remain the same.
  9. Hi Marc - this stock is currently unborrowable in the underlying market. This is likely due to the significant rally in the stock and a large percentage of the stock being shorted. You can give us a call where we can manually check the underlying market and other liquidity providers to see if we can get borrow to short, however please note if this is possible there may be a large borrow charge. We'll inform you if this is higher than normal before confirming to open the short. You should be able to close this trade at any time on the dealing platform without having to call (normal market conditions dependent of course).
  10. Hey all. On the back of client feedback our charting team have just delivered a new feature on mobile and desktop. You can now quickly and easily see the percentage movement on any given period for any market. This is accessible from the 'Other Options' drop down, or by right clicking on the chart, and selecting 'Percentage' from the 'Scale' option. The percentage scale will then be reflected on the Y axis for the 1st candle (close) visible on any chart to the last. In other words, the percentage change for the visible candles on the chart. As you zoom in or out the scale will adjust automatically. You can see an example of this below. Any questions, please add them to the comments section below. Right click > Scale > Percentage Percentages applied down the right hand Y axis
  11. if you own the CFD you'll see the cash equivalent of dividends owed booked to your account balance.
  12. unfortunately not. We do however have: The ETF screener https://etfscreener.ig.com "Find IG's individual share and ETF details"
  13. Gold is looking like it's around 0.054 / -0.13 US Crude is around -0.11 / -0.73 You take these values (in the form Short/ Long) and x but bet size. So £13 to Long £100 on Gold. For Gold, the majority of this is in the markets overnight TomNext rate rather than an IG charge. For the Oil the majority of this is for the movement up/down the futures curve (i.e. off set in part by the profit and loss which will impact the open position).
  14. Thanks for the suggestion guys. I'll propose it to the relevant parties and make sure your comments are noted.
  15. I've just checked this specific share out and it's actually a NYSE listed ADR. The main listing is in Asia on an exchange no recognized by HMRC which means it isn't UCITS eligible and can't be offered on a UK ISA. You can still trade this in a regular share dealing account. ...there's a lot of acronyms in that but let me know if further clarification is needed.
  16. This shouldn't take longer than a single working day. Please double check your emails in case we've messaged you requesting additional information / clarification on your documents. If you can't find anything please get in contact by calling the New Business number. You can find this on IG.com.
  17. Unfortunately no concrete plans however we continue to reevaluate all assets and deal execution options. If anything changes we'll be sure to update everyone.
  18. This is likely due to recent changes in legislation which you can read about here (plus excerpt below): https://www.justetf.com/uk/news/etf/us-domiciled-etfs.html
  19. You should be able to see this in the 'Live Accounts' section of MyIG. NB: dividend payments are reflected as a cash value a couple of days after the payment date of the stock.
  20. They certainly will. Something like "HSBC Dividend" along with any conversion values if paid in a different currency to the one you have as your base currency. Unfortunately at the moment we don't offer DRIP functionality, although it is something a number of our clients have requested and I've made sure to continue to inform and update the non-leverage project management team on these client requests.
  21. We periodically review all assets and form business decisions based on the available information at the time.
  22. Hey @micoltrading - I've just checked the charts in other time frames including tick and can't see any movement down at those levels. You can check this below. Charts on the IG platform are indicative and in this instance it seems there has been a misprint which was likely off the back of the significant volatility at the open. I'll look to get this corrected. Orders / stops / limits wouldn't have been triggered in this instance. Orders are triggered on the underlying exchange pricing provided sufficient volumes traded at those specific levels. You can read about our best execution policy in more detail here: https://www.ig.com/au/best-execution
  23. JamesIG

    P&L Results

    Hey - if we take the first line... 28667.5 to 28845 is 177.5 points 177.5 * 2.5 (contract value) = 443.75 USD 443.75 USD in AUD would have been 627.19 at that exchange rate on the point of realized profit. hope this clarifies
  24. Stock div payments should clear within a couple of days. Our prime broker sends funds as a bank transfer which we need to wait to settle before applying the cash to client accounts.