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  1. JamesIG's post in chart help - turn on/off HLOC data was marked as the answer   
    right click, "show", make sure HLOC is not ticked. Hope this helps. 

  2. JamesIG's post in Dividend Reinvestment was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately this isn't possible, however I'll add your request to our client list to contact once DRIP is available. 
  3. JamesIG's post in False Spike on Live IG? was marked as the answer   
    Hey - DXY futures are avaliable on the platform using the 'forward' option at the top. On the futures side of things you can see that there wasn't a spike. 

    On the spot market, which will be a blend of 2 futures contracts (more here https://www.ig.com/uk/commodities) you can see there was a spike. In this specific instance the spike down was because 
    it was a period of high vol over the BoE interest rate decision  the December future, due to liquidity factors, doesn't tick as smoothly. Whilst this price is therefore valid on the spot blend, it does seem to have experienced a gap. 
    I don't believe you have an open position in this market or a working order, so I hope the above explains how this was printed on the charts. In the future you may want to consider the 'futures' market if you are trading US Dollar Basket. 
  4. JamesIG's post in Is IG doing a stop Hunt???? Please check the attached Screenshot? was marked as the answer   
    Please make sure you are looking at the corresponding bid / ask price. 
    Just checked this and on EURNZD at the time of the trade (32 mins past the hour- N.B. my time shows 14.32 whilst your shows 17.32 due to time differences) you can see the highest price was 1.68762. You can also see that the market continued to move against you after this time breaking well into 1.68780
    I hope this resolves your query. 

  5. JamesIG's post in Pre market Data was marked as the answer   
    The US stock market opens from 2:30pm to 9pm London time, which means many UK-based trading companies only allow you to trade up until 9pm.
    We know that many IG clients need to trade outside these hours to make the most of company announcements. That's why we've made sure our clients can trade CFDs and spread bet on dozens of key US stocks at the most important times - up until 1am Mon-Thurs and 10pm Fri (London time).
    This offering is also available to share dealing clients, from 12pm-10.30pm Mon-Thurs and until 10pm Fri.
    You can read more on that here: https://www.ig.com/uk/shares/out-of-hours-shares
  6. JamesIG's post in Deleting stocks was marked as the answer   
    The 'popular markets' list is an IG curated list and therefore you can't remove individual assets from it. You can however just make your own watchlist from scratch if you want complete control over the assets on it. 
  7. JamesIG's post in Exchange check failed was marked as the answer   
    Hey - I believe this was because the Market Maker quote was worse than best bid/offer, and quote size is less than NMS which means the trade was rejected for best ex. I believe this has gone through now (with the RSP 'get quote' being at or within the BBO) but let us know 
  8. JamesIG's post in Password limitations was marked as the answer   
    Hey - the requirements for an IG password include
    8-20 characters  one upper case character one lower case character one number
  9. JamesIG's post in Requesting cash was marked as the answer   
    Hey - please login to MyIG and simply go to the Withdrawal screen. If you haven't added details you'll need to do so. 

  10. JamesIG's post in At Quote Not Showing was marked as the answer   
    The market will need to be open to receive an RSP or 'At Quote' price. 
  11. JamesIG's post in US500 JUN19 was marked as the answer   
    This will depend on your personal settings. Please check out My IG > Settings > Rollovers and make the appropriate choice based on your preferences. 

  12. JamesIG's post in Closing only: Market unavailable to open was marked as the answer   
    Just had a look at this one and can see the MCap is $85m which is unfortunately short of our 250m requirement for American equities (i.e. is is too illiquid and has a small market cap to offer on leverage trading accounts). 
    You can however own this stock outright via a share dealing account. 
  13. JamesIG's post in How to qualify as a professional client was marked as the answer   
    This should help - all the best
  14. JamesIG's post in 'on exchange' orders was marked as the answer   
    I imagine this was because you placed a limit day order which is only good until the end of the day (i.e. the underlying exchange will delete it). Please either place a limit GTC (good till cancel) or an RSP quote today. Hope this clarifies - if you'd like more info please give us a call as I wouldn't want to go into any more detail about your account specifically on  a public forum. 
  15. JamesIG's post in Chart on mobile Android app not working was marked as the answer   
    Hi folks - I'm sorry to report that Google have released a new version of Chrome which does not work with the IG Trading Android app. Web pages in the app including Charts, Market data, account opening form, appropriateness quiz etc fail to load. This was due to a roll out from Chrome and there was no forewarning for us on our side to test this. 
    We are working on a fix to get around the problem with this new version of Chrome, and hope to have it live by Monday. There is a chance Google will have reverted the rollout of this new Chrome by then too - the best way to keep updated is to check https://status.ig.com/ which will update with more information as it becomes avaliable, and any rollouts.
  16. JamesIG's post in How to Open multi directional trades? was marked as the answer   
    Please double check your 'force open / net off' settings. There is a little 'i' which can be used for more info. 

  17. JamesIG's post in Soybean DFB was marked as the answer   
    The spot price tracks the undated commodities model which can be seen here https://www.ig.com/uk/commodities 
    Its a blend of the most liquid front month contracts. 

  18. JamesIG's post in Is it ok to use the same account if I move to a different country? was marked as the answer   
    If you move to an alternative country you'd have to open a direct account with that office. In the case of Japan that would be ig.com/jp - this is due to different legal jurisdictions among other things. 
  19. JamesIG's post in Options was marked as the answer   
    You can, however you'd need to give us a call for a quote / to deal. You can monitor (without executing) deals on your mobile. 
  20. JamesIG's post in Account Status Still Pending But Documents All Uploaded was marked as the answer   
    I've just had a look at your account and believe it is active? If you are having issues logging in please double check, or reset, your password. Feel free to give us a call if required. 
  21. JamesIG's post in TICKERS PLEASE!!! was marked as the answer   
    Thanks very much for the suggestion. I'll make sure to pass it on in our weekly feedback meeting. 
  22. JamesIG's post in Custody fees was marked as the answer   
    Hey thanks for the question. When it comes to share dealing account custody fees in the UK:
    The custody fee is also dependent on your trading activity, and commissions paid during the quarter will be deducted from the fee. You will be exempt from the charge if you fulfil one of the following criteria:
    Deal three or more times on your share dealing account during the quarter Hold investments worth £15,000 or more across your IG Smart Portfolio accounts only, at the end of the quarter https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing/costs-fees 
  23. JamesIG's post in increase leverage to 1:200 was marked as the answer   
    You can see which geographical locations can get leverage that large here: https://www.ig.com/uk/compare-our-leveraged-trading 
  24. JamesIG's post in MT4 login details? was marked as the answer   
    I can't find an MT4 account linked to the email address or community username you made this comment with. Please go to MyIG and add an MT4 account - from there you'll receive your login details. 
    If you have an account under a different email, please drop us an email requesting a reset of your password and a reminder or your username. 
  25. JamesIG's post in Trailing Stops was marked as the answer   
    trailing stops are not available on every market, and they also are no available on regular orders. Which asset are you trying to trade on? If you provide more details I should be able to assist. 
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