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  1. I may have missed this. How do you select which Twitter feeds you have in the Tweet panel (right Handside). Are we stuck with the default ones from Reuters, Forex Live etc. I would have expected us to be able to select the ones we follow using our account. Can we set that in Settings?
  2. It would be good to have the notes available where ever the instrument/market is located. So for instance, it should be available in Watchlists and Positions. The notes should then stay with that instrument even when it is no longer in a watchlist or Position. this enables you to have short notes for a current position (setup, entry, exit etc). Later when you have closed that position and looking at the same instrument a number of months later you have some history right there in the platform.
  3. Thanks Hannah, That makes sense, and I have it working fine now. One more, unrelated question. On the price alerts, I can't see any way to edit an alert - I believe you can only delete them but not edit or reset them once triggered. Is this correct, or have I missed how (where) to do it?
  4. Hi, I've just started using the new platform but see there is no 'Tear-Off' chart option. This is useful as you can open it as a free standing chart and move it over to another monitor to keep it clear of the main platform. You can then expand it to full screen. The only way I've found to do this is to open a new workspace in a new tab, add the chart and then move that tab to a new monitor - it's a bit of a faff compared to the old platform. Is there any intention to add the 'tear-off' option?