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  1. I got a notification about 2 months ago from IG saying the regulator is clamping down. Can someone let me know why I could sell my position in Ether but a few days later i couldn't buy it back
  2. ig haven't paid me 1.2K made the request on the 17 April Its been a total joke don't trust them If money isn't in my account going to post more and a list of IG Names for this fiasco
  3. The finance team are a total joke, Had numerous emails from finance over a simple 1,2 withdraws. het are beyond incompetent. One email was addressed to the wrong person and was talking about PayPal?! Have been promised a opoof of a]payment but nithinhg again I say its a fantastic system `I love it but their finance team need to be trained properly Wen are IG Group interacting with whats app like plus 500
  4. got the number of the trading desk was on hold for 13 mins...got on to the relationship manager who help set up the account and he promised to email the desk and for them to get back to me...that was over an hour ago. I say again I love the system but support /trading desk sucks\
  5. What is the number of the trading desk?
  6. If I could get anyone in support it would ease my mind, Support next to useless. Miros the guy who hassled ne to get the accoont set up is now unavalable. I am switching to plus500 much better customer support on whatsaapp SUPPORT is a total joke!!!!
  7. Can someone from support call me urgently. This is a joke no funds in since requested till Sunday Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I can't geet funds deposited from my account. What a joke. only been a customer since feburary but this is worrying
  9. through the system I asked for 1500 to be returned to my card but this hasn't happened. Very dissappointed How do I make a formal complaint Find IG a great system and am really pleased with it
  10. Hi there, I am kind of embarrassed to ask this question but is there a way to display two graphs within the one graph? Say ftse 250 index compared to a stock.. Thanks Will
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