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  1. Anyone here trade the FTSE future daily?
  2. new trading week coming up....cant wait. Weekends not so much fun without the market action
  3. traditionally Fridays were a great day, but yea Thursdays and Fridays have been absolutely lousy this year to date
  4. dmedin do you swing trade the ftse or daily?
  5. key pivot here in the FTSE. Needs to hold 7400 for bulls to stay in charge
  6. That picture is open to some serious level of innuendo
  7. 7430 key zone daily ftse today. big volume moves in the morning up there and now down
  8. That's the piece of the puzzle im trying to figure out next. If you close that put at profit. do you close the future too or hope to god that the index recovers and leave it open lol
  9. Was backtesting a delta hedge strategy just now, so long FTSE future on 2nd jan at 7510 {open price} on 20 th jan it hits 7620, the corresponding 7500 put was trading at premium of approx 80. Go long that put. At 31st jan that put hit a high of 350, now your future is down, but the put would have hit some nice bank. any views appreciated
  10. long Straddle on the FTSE would have worked a charm today virtually 100 point round trip from the open
  11. Surely the best way to play options on IG is some kind of delta hedging strategy. I guess if you have a long future in profit, instead of using a stop loss, buy a put for the same strike price as your entry level and hedge it that way? Any views?
  12. traded the daily FTSE option today instead of the DFB and to be honest the spread on the option for a daily is too wide. Plus the option price movement lagged the index considerably. Advantage I liked was limited drain on your funds and you know how much you will lose
  13. Hi All - brand new here. Anyone regularly trade the ftse?
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