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  1. Hi Charlotte, The new Share dealing account looks outstanding, but missing a vital risk management tool that the CFD and Spreadbetting accounts have, Stop Losses. Please could you feedback to the Development team of the Share desk and kindly ask if possible to add this important feature to this account? Has this already been raised from other traders hence already in the pipeline to roll it out pretty soon? Many thanks, Denis
  2. Hi Charlotte, Completely on board with Ricky66. I was looking to join a new platform and opened a demo CFD account to get a sense of your charting tools, indicators, etc before committing to IG. I am not interested in CFD's or Spread betting, but rather Share Dealing, ISA, SIPP accounts. I was very impressed by the layout and the tools in place, but I could not believe that you did not have stop losses in place at all on the Share dealing account. I would go as far as saying that the aim for IG should be not only to introduce the basic stop loss facility but the more advance too, the trailing stop loss. The alert price you suggest I am afraid is no where close to offer what a stop loss offers in terms of risk management on the account. IG might be one of the top in terms of tools and charting, but offering a trading account without stop losses in place is purely suicidal for any trader and a complete lack of risk management offering tools from IG. Until the developers of the Share desk do not introduce this basic risk management feature I am afraid I won't be joining IG either. Drop us a line when you have some news. Many thanks, Denis
  3. I answered myself the first question by looking the various information on IG website. So they do not have stop losses at all on Share dealing account!!! Why? That is just madness. I thought stop losses were a basic feature nowadays across many stockbrokers platforms, indeed the best one offer trailing stop losses let alone basic one. A question I guess more for IG management, is there any intention to introduce them across Share dealing, ISA and SIPP accounts?
  4. Hi I am new to IG and opened a demo account to get a feel of their platform, charting and tech tools. So far so good, however I could open a Demo account only on CFD's and Spreadbetting. I am not really interested in either of these products, rather more focused on the Share dealing account. Can anyone tell me who already has a live Share dealing account if IG offers a normal or trailing stop loss in this account? Are the charting and tech tools the same on the Share dealing account as the one stated on the Demo account? Much appreciated your response. Many thanks, Denis