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  1. thanks, I downloaded and checked the CREST form but like you say it's for those who have paper share certificates. Mine are held electronically. I have found an alternative broker which I am currently researching. It is a bit of a shame because IG was a brokerage that came highly recommended. Oh well, c'est la vie.
  2. well done in getting through to their help desk! i am surprised they are not very forthcoming when it comes to transferring funds over to them. You would have thought they would be keen to help out. I didn't know about the CREST form I will check it out - thanks
  3. Hi unfortunately i have not received any useful help from the IG service desk. They have asked for screen shot sof the error message which I sent them but have received no reply despite numerous email request (for some reason they are not answering the phone). This has been going on now for over 6 weeks - I thought initially it maybe because of the virus but still 6 weeks is a long time Sadly, I feel I have no choice but to look for an alternative broker.
  4. Hi I recently opened an IG account but having problems using the Stock transfer option to move my shares from my old provider (interactive investor) to the IG portal. When I try to submit the online form from the IG portal, it fails with a 'something is wrong' message. However, there is no further explanation of the error. I have tried various changes to the info but still unable to submit. Has anyone else experienced this problem? is there a manual way to transfer shares over to IG please? thanks
  5. Hi Amitabh I believe you can use the Stock transfer option from the 'Live accounts' menu from the IG portal. you will need to complete the online form and submit it. thanks
  6. Hi, I recently opened an IG account and would like to transfer my existing shares and cash over from my old portal (interactive investor) to my new IG account. I was told to use the Stock transfer option from the 'Live accounts' IG menu. I duly completed the online form with all the details but when I submitted it comes back with an error. Unfortunately, the error message is not helpful and just says 'something went wrong'. I have tried several times with different browsers but still the same problem. I have contacted IG help desk and sent them the screen shots of the error but they have not responded. Just wondering if anyone else had this transfer issue or indeed is there a way i can submit a transfer form manually?