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  1. no, ig options are all cash settled automatically at expiration ( unless you close the position beforehand)
  2. unfortunately , not only do you have to phone to deal, phoning is the only way to get the prices.....the only other way is to open a dealing acct with an options broker eg saxotrader, interactive brokers...firstrade..tastyworks etc
  3. unfortunately individual stock options are dealt by phone only...you can only trade indices online eg us tech 100
  4. have you opened a demo acct, that is the best way to get a feel for the platform. There are only options for usa based on indices of wall st, us 500 and tech 100 , so not much choice. If you want to trade individual stock,options you can only do by phone unfortunately
  5. if you have bought options , makes no difference ....unless you didnt have the cash in your acct when you initiated the trade and are trading on margin, sorry if I misunderstood, I assumed you meant buying the options with cash in your account
  6. if you have bought a call or a put you have effectively paid up front....however if you have sold a call or put , the maintenance margin can change either with volatility or if the market moves against you
  7. If I look at your example on the platform the sep 20 put strike price 3000 costs £169.49 at the minimum £1 a point. This is the equivalent of 3000 x £1 = £3000 so you are shorting £3000 worth of the index. So you will start to make money if the index ends up below 2830.51 (3000-169.49 = 2830.51) I haven’t found much info re options on ig, but there is lots of stuff on the web Hope this helps..
  8. it will normally be $1 a point ( or whatever the ig platform has as minimum) . Yes , you are correct, if you buy a put ( or call ) you can only lose what you have paid for the trade
  9. only a few index options, commodities and fx show on the plaform (demo and actual acct) , unfortunately individual company options only available by phone...otherwise you will need to open an acct with an options broker
  10. also there is a subtle difference with ig vs option / share brokers - you want to buy options, but wity a spreadbet company , you are actually betting on the price of the options ( not buying or selling)
  11. share options dealing by phone only...also choice may be poor...
  12. I have only traded options via ig spreadbet, not cfd ( because its tax free) - there is no,commission, but I think the spread is a bit wider
  13. only by phone orders which is a nuisance
  14. the expiry only relates to the buy limit price of 19.47, so of it can buy them at this price or less on the day , it will.But if price stays above 19.47 it wont buy them for you .Then you will have to try again next day. It you want to buy immediately , you will have to either change to buy at market price if it lets you or raise your limit price. Once you have the shares you can keep until you sell