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  1. as you are not strictly selling an option in ig , you are betting on the price of an option which is a subtle difference.....however to answer your question, you only get the premium at expiration or if you close early when trade has gone your way...the running profit/loss of the trade takes the premium into account....as you say, with a regular options broker, you receive the premium from selling options upfront
  2. if you are buying us stocks firstrade (a us broker) have commission free stock and reinvestment dealing...
  3. you are correct, there is no facility to do,this
  4. although its fantastic that individual company options may now become available online...I can’t believe you’ve chosen one of the most volatile stocks with a high underlying price! very risky for inexperienced traders....I really hope you offer some low priced stocks to trade as well?
  5. you only get the premium at expiration (or if you are in profit, you can close earlier)
  6. if you sell put options where your cash covers the price going to zero, you are effectively selling cash secured puts as in a traditional options trading account and therefore not using leverage
  7. Hi Cperry, in my opinion its not cost effective putting such small amounts into individual companies......I think ig charges £3 commision only if you have placed 3 or more trades the previous month, otherwise the standard £8 commission applies. So if you only invest £100 pounds the commission 8 + stamp duty 0.5% means as soon as you buy the shares , you are 8.5% down......so just to breakeven you have to make up this loss. Even if you trade regularly and get £3 commission its 3.5% down. compare with investing £1500 (with £8 commision and stamp duty) you would only be charged about 1% ...
  8. you can trade call options via spread bets ( but only indices, commodities and fx) with IG ...individual share options spreadbets phone dealing only..... saxotrader, tastytrade, interactive brokere and others will allow option trading (rather than betting)
  9. this was answered oct 7 with a screenshot also......type options into search top right and scroll down the answers...
  10. well they wont have “ real options” as they are not option brokers, but they are a spread bet/cfd provider which is why you can only bet on the price of options....
  11. so you are not happy such products are marketed, but also not happy that you can’t easily deal in them ?!!
  12. Hi Woodland bear, I understand where you are coming from, you are trying to do the equivalent of a “ cash secured put “ in option trading. You could actually do what you want pretty much , as long as the index/ share you want to bet on isn’t too high for you to “ cover” with cash in your account eg say the ftse 100 is 6026, if you had £6026 , this would cover a £1 per point bet .....alternatively, if you wanted to bet on a share that was 85p you would only need £85 in your account to cover a £1 a point bet. However if you don’t use any “leverage “ and your cash covers
  13. https://www.poundsterlinglive.com/best-exchange-rates/best-us-dollar-to-british-pound-history just looking on google showed this link , shows exchange rate every day for a year.....there may be other similar websites........also many websites will plot a chart of exchange rates over various timescales, which may be of use..
  14. did you get them from your employer? if so you will have to contact them ...You won’t be able to use ig ...
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