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  1. Hi Andy Yes , if you have bought a put, and if it is worthless at expiration (ie the index is above 4400) then what you paid is debited from your cash….
  2. can you post a screenshot?….did you buy or sell and was it a put or call?
  3. @CharlotteIG Hi, I have a spreadbet (not cfd) acct and want to know if i trade options on individual US stocks (by phone only) is the minimum contract size £1 (or USD equivalent) a point , or is it a significantly higher figure as per cfd trading? Thanks
  4. no, uk government regs only allow isa funds to be held in £ ......this doesn’t apply to a general investment acct ...(but of course you then lose tge tax free benefits of an isa!)
  5. they are cash settled, so you can either sell now or leave until expiration
  6. if you are closing a position , you are buying to close, not buying to open?
  7. theres a search at top of my screen ‘IG community Activity Search” occasionally when i’ve logged into my account It has gone to classic version , but I haven’t seem options there Except for the few us earning season options , all other stock options are phone only...
  8. Sorry Amavi , as I said above “ I would say you have until midnight on the 5th April to put your money in for this tax year “ ..... “ . Then from 6th April onwards you can put in next tax years allowance and use immediately “.. Unless I’m mistaken you are saying you have put this years allowance and also next years as well?..so you have put twice as much as allowed in the same tax year...My ISA is with H Lansdown and won’t let you put in additional cash in the same tax year
  9. Agreed Anavi it is poor, I believe many brokers are the same at the moment to varying degrees...As the new tax year starts on 6th April UK , I would say you have until midnight on the 5th April to put your money in for this tax year and once it shows in your acct you could use immediately . Then from 6th April onwards you can put in next tax years allowance and use immediately
  10. Hi Kkr , as you suggested yourself, much quicker to sell in Halifax and put money straight into IG ISA...no idea why its suggested to go the long way round and have extra time /hassle and admin?.....
  11. i’m assuming that £408 is just your “running loss” ie if you closed the trade now you would lose £408 ....aren’t cfds 10 contracts ? (so to me it looks like you paid 56.5 x 10 =£ 565) and if you close / sell your call now you get £157 back (565-408) if you click the drop down arrow at the top of screen next to the £5,379 it will have some more info...hope that helps...
  12. unfortunately options on individual shares are dealt by phone only ...only indices, fx, commodities online....if you only want share options, there are numerous brokers eg tastytrade, firstrade, saxo, interactive brokers etc
  13. Hi , I have been spreadbetting options on indices and commodities (rather than cfd and fx,but i think the same reasoning applies) I think what may be happening is that until the trade is over, you haven’t actually “paid” for the trade , so you are just using some margin to keep the trade open. When you reach expiry you shouldn’t lose more than the premium....can you post a screenshot?
  14. Agreed Captain Samurai, but only if you are not trading with any leverage
  15. Sorry, Scrawford , I don’t know if there are any demo accts on such platforms
  16. Yes Twinsignals you are correct , as it says sharedealing at the top of your screen, it is different to a cfd/ spreadbet account ...I don’t know much about SPAC investments
  17. yes, If I remember correctly its something like :- over €500,000 in assets and have carried out 10 significant transactions ( whatever that means)a quarter over last 12 months...
  18. you can buy shares with IG on their sharedealing or isa account,( this is totally different from the cfd/spreadbetting account with ig)..also as i posted earlier , trading 212, hargreaves lansdown , freetrade etc there are many others...if you are dealing very small amounts, freetrade and trading 212 have no commission so maybe more cost effective , If you are dealing in maybe £1000 + amounts maybe ig would be ok...(i think its £5 commission) other investment platforms cost maybe £10 to £12 commission to buy and sell shares. I have only experience of using hargreaves lansdown and ajbell...
  19. yes it should be similar result at expiry imo, ig is commision free but will have a wider spread and you get the credit at expiry (or if you close early) if the trade goes in your favour.....as you say, saxo gives credit upfront , but you pay commission for opening and closing the trades.....saxo however is quite expensive vs interactive brokers, tastytrade , firstrade etc
  20. In my first post, I was suggesting buying or selling shares to gain some investment experience (if you haven’t traded or invested before) using an investment platform rather going straight into spreadbets/ cfd (where you don’t actually own the underlying shares) . I have only used cfds in the demo as I dont want to pay tax on any profits. I only trade options with ig spreadbets ( rather than trades based on individual shares). Most of my investments are in a stocks and shares isa
  21. sorry , I didn’t explain myself very well, the point I was trying to make was that spreadbetting as well as cfd (as they are very similar) are both high risk vs investing in shares ....
  22. if you are uk based, I believe binary options are illegal?...
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