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  1. No , it's not exactly the same as what you are experiencing. I had an issue with iOS as well, but that was resolved in a version update. If you search through previous threads, you will see the solution for this. I am getting no indicator alerts on any device: web, iOS or Android. I get position opneing, editing and closing alerts on all platforms though. I mailed the help desk and received a canned response that they are aware of the issue blah blah. I don't know what has happened but the incidinces of technical issues seems to be on the rise. I have opened demo accounts with other brokers and will be moving away from IG after a number of years with them.
  2. Indicator alerts are not working on the web platform or mobile (Android and iOS). Any idea when this is going to be attended to? Thanks.
  3. Don’t delete the original app. You will end up having two apps for now but this should solve your problem until they release a fix.
  4. Thanks :smileyhappy: I have tested this and it seems to be working with the old app loaded on my device.
  5. Is anyone else having issues with push notifications not working on their iOS devices? Mine stopped working last week on my phone, now my iPad is not pushing alerts.