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  1. Did the order expire, so that was all that filled from your order? I'm assuming you're not saying it's £3 a partial-fill. If so isn't that a risk that you won't get the fills in the period you select when you select the price and duration?
  2. Although they are the biggest Bull, what ark-invest say about Tesla, and other firms, is interesting. Ark is very bullish on what they call disruptive innovation. Companies that will be the future of new markets, making new markets or disrupting existing ones. I suspect this resonates with younger investors. There's lots of expectation that Tesla can execute on new battery technology, automated driving and scaling to produce new models. The way I read the bull case it is if they can achieve autonomous driving that's the big game changer. But they may announce something at battery-day th
  3. During the transfer process the tax year of when you deposited the money with Trading 212 will be taken into account. If its in the last financial year then the deposited amount will not affect your allowance for this year. You can transfer between ISA providers at any time. You should be able to open another stocks and shares ISA in the same tax year and transfer out of the old one. HMRC are concerned about you not going above the £20k allowance per year.
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