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  1. Thanks Caseynotes and Charlotte! Itching to buy up Gilead but I'll wait till April Fool's day.
  2. Tried phoning the helpline but it was on hold forever. Any wisdom appreciated - happy to wait till April, I’d just like to know how it works.
  3. Hi. I am trying to avoid the £10 transaction fee. I have done 3 trades this month, March and paid £30 fees. Do I now have to wait until 1st April to do a transaction free of the £10 charge? The preview still shows a £10 charge.
  4. Thanks dmedin! I will see what I can find about custody fees!
  5. I'm trying to work out what the information on my platform means. I bought some shares for £1000, commission £10, withdrew £2.30 left over, and the platform is telling me I have made £20 profit. So on that basis I should how have £1007.70 in my account, but instead I have £999. I am buying US shares with GBP - am I taking nearly a 1% hit on currency exchange? Any thoughts welcome.
  6. What I mean is, when do the shares actually get bought? At the moment my money has gone from my account but I don’t have any shares either.
  7. Hi, not done shares before. I have ordered some shares in Gilead on Friday night (UK) after 10pm. How does this work now?