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  1. long the futures contract instead, bigger spread but no daily charges these massive carry charges have been a "feature" of ig oil since the massive swings started, although i'm not clear why they have persisted now the gap between the spot and futures prices is minimal again. bear in mind you actually get paid these huge fees if you short spot oil, so i'm not sure calling it a scam is accurate. out of interest, what is the fee per point
  2. you will get rolled onto the december contract profits get realised yes you pay the spread again in theory it doesnt make a difference what you do - rollover or close now and reopen a new contract, but personally i prefer to close a position manually so i can see exactly what price i'm getting
  3. if i am short spot US Oil thru 10 pm does that mean I will receive these huge fees that people are complaining about getting charged on the long side?
  4. you're probably not considering the premium you pay for the put
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