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  1. @CharlotteIG I'd like to see more options tradeable on-line instead of just over the phone (FTSE 100 equity options, for instance) or at the very last be able to obtain guide prices online. Also a tick-box choice. to roll-over to the next month like you can with futures would be good, or how about an option to settle into the underlying futures instead of as cash. Can we have more commodity options too, please , such as LME copper? And to ask once again, can we please have the US "occasionals" presented in the same easy, logical format and from the same menu as your regular optio
  2. What does it mean when it lists the "Margin Factors" for some of these Granite 3x shorts or longs then under the heading "Other" (info) it says "Non-Leveraged Only"? I read it to mean you pay 100% for a 3x leveraged position, but why list margin factors in that case?
  3. A CFD simulates the underlying, otherwise no-one would take the other side of your trade. Did you honestly think going short on a 10-1 stock-split the day before would make you (and lose someone else) 90% of the pre-split price the next day?
  4. I don't understand why @IGCharlotte doesn't often reply when tagged, or why other representatives of IG don't bother to address issues raised on here.
  5. If a client buys a DFB contract dated 2029, which most of them are, how is it legal and/or FCA compliant for IG to end the contract earlier by forcing clients to close prematurely even when their accounts are not on margin call? The premise of the trade is that IG takes the equivalent underlying position and funds it with the daily interest charges so why is it not able to hold the position open indefinitely?
  6. @CharlotteIG I'll keep asking this question until it finally gets the courtesy of an answer. Why don't you lay out these options in the same intuitive format as the commodity, index and FX options already available on the platform? Also, why not list them under "OPT" with those others?
  7. Is it a spread bet or a CFD? If the latter you will need to make a "negligible value claim" to HMRC for CGT purposes to crystallise the loss in the appropriate year to off-set or carry forward against current/future gains.. No idea how you get IG to wind up the position. as possibly the shares could trade again cos Americans are weird like that with bankrupt companies. Isn't it "closing only" so you can get a token USc 2.5 by selling?
  8. @CharlotteIG Also please note that in the pop-in-from-the-side display, before you click "Add to workspace" the strikes and PUT/CALL designator are visible for Tesla but completely absent for Beyond Meat except briefly on mouse-over.
  9. @CharlotteIG I'll keep asking until this question gets answered. Why don't you lay out these options in the same intuitive format as the commodity, index and FX options already available on the platform? Also, why not list them under "OPT" with those others?
  10. For you to buy then an intermediary has to sell. That leaves them short and having to try to hedge their position or be left exposed.. Ask yourself what intermediary would want to put themselves in that position?
  11. @CharlotteIG Why aren't these laid out in the same logical easy-to-understand format of commodity, index and forex options, seeing as the template is already there. And why on Earth not have them listed under the "OPT" menu?
  12. As usual - no comment from IG as to whether they might introduce this or why they haven't previously.
  13. @CharlotteIG Can we have an answer please. There are several other unhappy posters on another thread.
  14. If you want long exposure to Bitcoin you could consider buying Microstrategy Inc as a kind of proxy call option seeing as they have a policy of hoarding Bitcoin, but they have run up a lot recently despite Bitcoin retracing significantly from its recent high, so allow for a delay effect. I would try to value the company with and without the Bitcoin stake to get an idea how much fluff is in the price, cos if everyone suddenly dumps their Bitcoin at the same time it could end up being a virtual asset that is virtually worthless.
  15. A log scale would have been interesting too, plus a comparison with silver.
  16. Could it be to do with the IG divi being paid on the ex-div date as converted dollars before the exact sterling amount has been decided by the company weeks later?
  17. Just read something on the forum about this - positions are set to "closing only" giving you until March. You were supposed to open an IG Europe account before the 8th to swap everything over. Better just ring IG.
  18. Are you sure you have to leave rather than your account simply not being covered by EU protection? Can you quote these regs?
  19. @CharlotteIG "With 'worked in the financial sector in a professional position' you have to have worked in a company for at least one year where you required a knowledge of derivatives trading. Unfortunately managing your own portfolio does not count." Does the company you worked for have to be a recognised financial institution of some sort itself? What if, say, a small company involved in the oil business employed a trader to manage their inventories using futures and options as part of their job? Or say they traded derivatives for a company that dealt in gold and silver for the retail
  20. Laughable, isn't it? You can't even get guide prices on-line from IG. Options are an ideal market for the retail punter but you can't obtain prices or easy access and thanks to ESMA/FCA rules you can't get proper margin off-setting between related long and short positions, so what could be a really good way for smart traders of limited means to use their funds efficiently now becomes an opaque market that would tie up most of your funds if you tried to do engineer anything remotely close to being risk-neutral.
  21. Anything you buy has a spread. If no separate commission is charged then your only effective transaction cost would be the spread unless you hold the position overnight. A futures bet doesn't have any more costs, but of course the price itself could have a built-in premium that erodes over time (with interest rates so low this premium would normally be small). Some futures trade at a discount to the near month depending on expected delivery issues/supplies. A daily-funded bet has a daily rate of interest charged to your account. A "spot" DFB is artificially composed of a time-varying
  22. @CharlotteIG And again! A video of an interview with the CEO of ScotGold was posted by IG only yesterday yet the market was and is currently "Closing Only". It is also listed with a rather misleading green traffic light.
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