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  1. Sorry, haven't been on for a few days. Some very valid points, and I myself have learned a lesson here (that said, I did close out my position some time ago). In the past I have been inclined to hold onto a loss too long in the hope it comes back. Analysis of my account shows me that when I set tight (Ish) stops and dont amend them my p/l is somewhat better, most likely as a result of trimming the larger losses. I've been doing this for a little while now, and do lots of reading on various subjects to understand the basics of what makes the markets move (and over time have got more confident with my views, albeit I don't/can't use charts). In any case, risk management is key. If I don't have a view of what my maximum loss or gain should be then I shouldn't trade and when I get it wrong we need to be able to accept that, take the loss and move on and understand what part of our initial reasoning was flawed and learn from it. I don't think you ever really stop learning about this. Just gain more experience along the way, and as long as you use those experiences to your advantage going forward, you'll become more consistent and hopefully more profitable. Anyway, it's good to get the views of others (even if they are not always endorsing your own).
  2. Hi @vasillis, difficult to say. I am still in with a considerable loss. My inclination is that they will drop at some point, but then again I said that yesterday. The way things look, they could go above 19k, but from my own personal position I am so far in I may as well wait for the inevitable downside at some point (I know that won't sit well with some) My own view is that index is trading very high to earnings. Of course, if you believe trump may increase those then maybe not. I prefer to be short here as we just don't know (and he's not in for 3 months). Is trading on words as far as I can tell. I'll hold tight until they come true....
  3. Glad to know that I (as inexperienced as I may be) have the same view. Thanks d No doubt will continue to climb, but for me if you can sit tight it will without doubt come back. Steve
  4. Hi guys - new on here, but been trading with the usual ups and downs for some time. Like the forum and the info given. What do you think? I'm inclined to believe the Dow rally is overdone here and we'll have a period of normalisation (maybe to the 18,200 point). With the uncertainty that trump brings, plus brexit, issues in china etc I'm of the opinion that some bad news will send them lower at some point, not to mention the fed. Indeed it seems odd that these stocks are some 70 points off all time highs after one of the biggest election shocks of all time. I understand these things are not rational, but what do those of you into the charts think? Cheers, Steve