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  1. Hi, I always enter at market level, it is easier to get filled but when I exit using Limit orders I use the following parameters: It is c# but I guess you won't have much problem to understand it.
  2. mmm, They have cheekily changed the title to make it a bit more "corporate" , That wasn't the initial title I sent. They are not "my competitors". Wrong move IG, please don't change post titles.
  3. https://www.ig.com/uk/charges/margin Click on "See how indices margins are calculated here" at the bottom of the page
  4. Hi, please use glowing yellow in your next question, it hurts way more to the eyes. This is how you can calculate the PL for a position. To calculate the required margin for a trade you need to look at the market margin factor, i.e Wall Street You will need to multiply the side price by the margin factor and by the bet size
  5. Hi all, just wanted to share an email that I got from the City Index team. Basically I opened an account with them and wanted to use the Rest API against a demo account, like a decent person would do. To my surprise they refereed me to Forex.com and asked me to fund it with at least 5000$ before I can do anything. They certainly are not checking what other brokers are offering.
  6. How about Senior Software Architect, my current position? I am 42 springs buddy, wash your mouth before talking about me.
  7. I cannot take much credit on the execution, the bot did it for me. If there is an API available there is no need to use any third-party software, I can develop my own one. A rest API uses a standard protocol that allows you to use any language of your preference. Developing your own code means that you can run it anywhere and at any time. Meaning that I can run it on a server 24/7 with proper exception handling, email alerts, disaster recoveries and all the techniques that would make it to run reliably. I do not execute my trades from my local desktop, they are sent from a service on a linux server in the cloud. I sent 2190 trades in about 3 years so I am not sure how you would do that with PRT. PRT is a client application, you have to run it on a local desktop. That will not allow me to handle it the way I would like to. I would have to run it on laptop on my dodgy virgin-media-piece-of-sh*t connection. There is no way that would work.
  8. I continued with the smallest bet size on an index with 30k, to be sure that I was not going to be wiped out again.
  9. The documentation for the API is at https://labs.ig.com/community There are a few examples there that can get your started. You are right, you will need to handle it properly and write a lot of code. There are examples on most of the common languages, but if you want your own system you will need to develop it yourself. I helped others in the past, if you need anything automated I can give you a hand. They got the system automated and I got to see what they were doing, bringing more ideas to my brain. Send me message if you need a hand.
  10. Short story - I automated everything, I do not trade anything manually. Everything is automatically executed using the rest API. Long Story - I started without a plan, looking at 5 minutes charts with a trembling hand clicking on every candle. What could go wrong? I failed miserably. Then I prepared a system, nothing too spectacular. Any system can work if it is properly executed. I started with an idea and moved to what I have now, changing parameters as I went along just to comply with the target that I wanted to achieve. I back-tested everything with local historical csv data and the demo account. Then when my code was reliable I moved to the live account. If you are able to define entry and exit points as well as limit and trailing stops with a system, if it is profitable on paper the only reason why it fails is because of the human factor, a person cannot execute a system perfectly, so there is always a way for a trader to decrease the performance of a system just because that trader cannot cope with the perfect execution of it. If you are able to automate it then your system will gain in performance and at the end in R/R ratio. You can take any system you want and start your back-test with one simple premise: Whatever you do, make sure that if it goes wrong you can try again. Any risk management technique will translate that sentence into mathematical jargon with hyper complex algorithms, but for me it is literally that: The ability to try again. That and an automated execution made it to work.
  11. More than -17K in three days. It took me 2 years to recover it
  12. You need more coins to send that trade.
  13. A common approach is to hedge with options. There are good books on the subject that can show you the path: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Option-Strategy-Hedging-Management-Depth-ebook/dp/B06XS26NRB Probably someone else could recommend better books as well, it is a wide topic.
  14. We all think at some point that we are important enough, so the "market" is against us. The reality is that if we use the same indicator chances are that we will land in the same range of prices so we will be part of the same cloud of orders.