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  1. I don't need to feel important about myself copying news from other sites. Twitter memes should stay on Twitter, that is what the site is for. Also I don't think that I should bother other users that come to this forum for trading topics with news that are not related to trading. The only reason I reply to this thread is because you feel too important about yourself and send insults away easily. We don't have the troll around any more, apparently, so you are the only entertainment we have left. The clown was good for a while but he disappeared, he gave us epic topics like DNA ch
  2. I was wondering when would you use my English to undermine me, you took way too long. I guess it is because you think people read this thread, so you have to be careful. Someone like you would have used that trick earlier. Regarding the Russians, you are pasting screenshots without citing the source again. Come on... We have spoken about this. You can't keep posting dodgy screenshots from Twitter. You have a reputation to maintain.
  3. AFAIK L2 is provided by an external application. L2 Dealer Manual Link https://www.ig.com/uk/l2-trading-platform There is a link to download it at the bottom of the page.
  4. You can keep insulting, that is your style when you have no actual reply. There is something that I will never do, and that is to say that I am more intelligent than anyone else, even in an argument. You on the contrary keep telling everyone, not only me, that dares to challenge you all sort of undermining insults, putting yourself on top of them instantly. Giving yourself the title of "intelligent". So here is one for you: "Tell me what you bluff about and I´ll tell you what you lack off"
  5. Have you read the article? I am impressed. Are you not only pasting Twitter memes from now on, but sending reports that we can read? This thread might be interesting, after all, if you start sending accurate data. So, in your first message, the one that was fish bait, you said that deaths in 2020 were below the ones in 2019, and now you are changing your comment again, to send a screenshot that proves that there was an increase in 2020. I guess that is aligned with your usual way of sending data to this thread. 1. You say something coming from memes. 2. Someone challe
  6. Article from EFE agency proving this report wrong. https://www.efe.com/efe/espana/efeverifica/el-numero-de-muertos-en-espana-2020-no-es-menor-al-anos-anteriores/50001435-4381326
  7. As homework try to translate the first sentence right below the table. This is a picture that has been moving around since the beginning of this month. It is fish bait for the right-wing fellows in Spain, they love this kind of fake reports. It is interesting that you are now posting it as well, very interesting.
  8. Hi, the platform is down most Friday nights (London GMT time). I guess for the usual maintenance tasks. It should be up and running on Saturday morning. You can ignore the page that show service statuses. It is not updated in real time, it is useless. I've never seen any system outage being reported there.
  9. Hi chaps, just a quick message to note that I have updated the app to the latest version and I can see now analytics on mobile. I am on Android.
  10. It is the first line of your message , I don't need to filter anything , you said clearly "virus hoax" full stop. I just want people to understand what has always been your point, then they can read your reports based on memes with a clear perspective.
  11. Casey, dear. You need to read carefully , there it is . You telling people that the virus is a hoax.
  12. I am going to reply every single time with this search. https://community.ig.com/search/?&q=hoax played&search_and_or=or Then people can see what you have said in the past. I will use it from now on as a footer on this thread. I will not have to add anything to it, your words are there.
  13. I do read everything you post, that is the problem, that I read it, then I realise how easy you can change your narrative depending on how you wake up that day. One of the nice features of this forum is the ability to search on keywords, for example "hoax" and "played". You are the star in the result, a pure rock star. There you see how many times you have told us that the "great reset" is about to begin , followed by cooked news on the virus that play us into a Davos' conspiracy. For the rest of the readers below is the search, they just need to scroll down and see how man
  14. I didn't know that you consider yourself a doctor. I am confused, you have been telling us that the virus is a hoax for months and we were being played by the news, and now you are advising people to isolate if they see their temperature is high? You contradict yourself, again.
  15. Hi, thank you for bringing the topic , I personally didn't know about this type of asset class. I googled a bit and found the basics about ETPs. They seem to be very interesting but also oriented to professionals as some of them might not be regulated by the FCA as per link below: https://www.fca.org.uk/consumers/exchange-traded-products Could you recommend any book on the subject that we could read? Also is there any list of pros and cons against the usual share dealing, CFDs and Spread Betting accounts that we could point to?
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