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  1. You can subscribe to multiple epics with the streaming service, once you get your updates it will be per epic. You should hold a collection of epics and its prices in memory , then act on every price update. 1. Subscribe to prices. (Streaming service) 2. Subscribe to trades. (Streaming service) 3. Hold your positions locally in a collection (Get the first snapshot from the REST API) 4. Set your thresholds per epic in a another collection. 5. Wait for a price update (Streaming), on that update check your positions and thresholds. Once you reach a level call the Rest API
  2. I don't see why you couldn't use the steaming API to watch the price and the REST API to move the stop. If your problem is that you would like to act quicker between minutes just watch the price setting up the streaming service and then when the threshold is hit call the REST API to update the stop. You have already most of the work done.
  3. https://labs.ig.com/rest-trading-api-reference/service-detail?id=593 You can update a position by using this endpoint.
  4. Questions about the API are ignored on this forum. If you still have the problem send an email to helpdesk with your details. https://www.ig.com/uk/contact-us Email address is within the page.
  5. Hi Dylan1234, can we see that complaint that you are going to file? A demo account is never going to be the same as the live account. Many people have complained about it, always as a rant more than an actual action, but I've never seen an actual formal complaint that would challenge the behaviour of a demo account. It would be interesting to see where that complaint is ending at, how it is filed, its format and who is addressed to.
  6. Good point, I guess they turned it down because no one was using it and they didn't think about those queries. Maybe a good solution would be to load those posts into a knowledge base directory so we still can search through it.
  7. I don't understand why you guys want that forum to be back. It was abandoned for several months and you could not see an interesting post apart from the usual spam that you see on unmoderated boards. It had many posts selling pills and magical remedies for weeks until someone decided to look at it, you can tell that there wasn't an admin taking care of the content there. In the last year I did not see a useful response there and every conversation about the API was held on this forum, so what is the point of asking for the other one to be back?
  8. Hi 20years-trader. Well done. I can see that you have potential. I believe in you. I've seen many newbies posting the same screenshots and they are now doing well. Carry on matey.
  9. Hi I moved it to https://github.com/oneangrytrader/IG.Python.Api.Client
  10. You are right. That's exactly what is happening.
  11. Those are really cute numbers. For someone that has been trading "over 20 years" is not much. Try to post something with more than a thousand trades. Anyone can make 50 trades out of luck. Attached are mine.
  12. No, normally strategies are market related. You will find many people that trade only one market on a daily basis and eventually will venture into other options. The benefit of watching a market constantly is that you get to understand it better than if you would look at many. You could group markets into their trends i.e sideways, long or short markets , then your techniques might be valid for multiple markets, but since you have to account position sizing based on price, volatility and margin required I doubt that a single technique would work in multiple markets.
  13. While this article gives good advise, in my opinion, it is a huge mistake to remove one stock of the market like you guys have done. Specially when it has been so openly discussed. It is true that going with the crowd sets you in a position where we are 'late' to the party. We are likely to receive all the hits if we follow the crowd. We know that. But the way to manage risk is personal and shouldn't be influenced by the broker. Because I never received financial advise when I saw that 80% of customer loose money trading with a broker, I shouldn't be patronised and blocked fro
  14. This the response from the search markets endpoint. Does it help? { "markets": [{ "epic": "ED.D.TL0GY.DAILY.IP", "instrumentName": "Tesla Inc (DE)" }, { "epic": "ED.D.TL0GY.MAR.IP", "instrumentName": "Tesla Inc (DE)" }, { "epic": "ED.D.TL0GY.JUN.IP", "instrumentName": "Tesla Inc (DE)" }, { "epic": "ED.D.TL0GY.SEP.IP", "instrumentName": "Tesla Inc (DE)" }, { "epic": "UD.D.TSLA.DAILY.IP", "instrumentName": "Tesla Motors Inc (All Sessions)" }, {
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