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  1. These are the brokers that were reported to have problems yesterday. https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/ig-broker https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/cmc-markets https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/etrade https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/etoro https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/interactive-brokers https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/robinhood https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/td-ameritrade https://istheservicedown.co.uk/status/trading-212 We can tell that the down time was very similar in all of them, with the exception of Robinhood that is still having problems
  2. Ok you win. I can't add anything else. Wait I can, google broker issues during the week. It is interesting to see that the "IT issue" presents exactly the same symptoms in every single broker across the world. Check elitetrader forums and you will see people talking about Interactive Brokers. You could copy their messages and they would fit in this thread easily. Check Ameritrade as well if you are not happy. Check also the many post that are around Twitter about Robinhood. All having "technical issues" at the same time. Really? Every single broker having the same techn
  3. I never said that IG is targeting at retail traders, I said clearly that if there is no liquidity they can't provide a service so they can't operate as normally. Now you are taking a bit of text to prove one of the points. I said clearly that I understand that there is an increase of users coming online but that does not trigger the failure. Read the article carefully, you will understand that an increase of users is just the beginning of the problem, the end is when a broker does not have access to liquidity in very volatile markets.
  4. I would be happy to take credit of what I am saying but I cannot. It is well written and documented by many. https://www.match-trade.com/how-does-increased-volatility-of-the-markets-affect-the-brokerage-business/
  5. Great questions, I mentioned a cut in liquidity because that is normally the reason why brokers stop allowing access. Usually because of high volatility and unavailability of market makers. I can tell that the API fails at retrieving the user account, it is able to authenticate and throws an exception when tries to get the account. This would align with the point that is able to load MyIG and not able to change accounts. What I don't understand is how many brokers around the world have reported the same issue. And that is what led me to the common point they all have, access to the u
  6. My guess is "orchestrated cut from liquidity providers" so brokers have to prioritise professional accounts over retail to fill their obligations.
  7. The API is back up and running. At least for me, I hope it is ok for you guys as well. No one can defend that we are seeing technical issues. Same repeated behaviour over 3 days at the same time, the US market opening. Many other users from other brokers have reported the very same type of issues all over the world.
  8. API is down and the status page shows as operational. Seriously guys this is ridiculous. Just shutdown that useless status page, it is only getting people even angrier.
  9. https://community.ig.com/forums/topic/13809-errorcode-errorpublic-apifailurestockbroking-not-supported/?tab=comments#comment-68686
  10. if you are a developer you can use the streaming service. https://labs.ig.com/streaming-api-guide It is the closest I could get to tick data.
  11. Hi, I normally download data from this free service. https://www.dukascopy.com/plugins/fxMarketWatch/?historical_data If you are familiar with any coding language you can request data from the IG API. https://labs.ig.com/rest-trading-api-reference/service-detail?id=552 The smaller time frame you can get from there is (minute).
  12. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/27/fed-chairman-powell-will-try-to-soothe-markets-but-that-may-not-work.html
  13. I have a feeling that you are no longer posting on this thread to do anything but to start arguments. It is obvious where you have been disproved, not only by me, also by others, with all sort of links and official reports. It is hopeless to carry on replying to you, you ego is on the way and you will never admit when you are wrong.
  14. The risk of posting fake data to prove a lie is that others can check it and disprove it. Your data is too weak, it is too easy to disprove it. Fake numbers, cooked screenshots, weird memes... You can't expect people to buy it, we all have the option to Google it and see where that data is wrong, dear.
  15. Since you quickly respond without reading the article, here is a bit of text I copied from it. The decision comes as Sweden, which has the highest per capita COVID death rate of all Scandinavian countries, struggles to battle a second wave of the virus with emergency wards filling up to critical capacity. You have to look for another country to prove your point, dear.
  16. No comments needed. https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/covid-19/situation-updates/weekly-maps-coordinated-restriction-free-movement
  17. Sweden again? https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-swedens-new-covid-lockdown-law-takes-effect/a-56185101 You are running out of countries.
  18. I don't need to feel important about myself copying news from other sites. Twitter memes should stay on Twitter, that is what the site is for. Also I don't think that I should bother other users that come to this forum for trading topics with news that are not related to trading. The only reason I reply to this thread is because you feel too important about yourself and send insults away easily. We don't have the troll around any more, apparently, so you are the only entertainment we have left. The clown was good for a while but he disappeared, he gave us epic topics like DNA ch
  19. I was wondering when would you use my English to undermine me, you took way too long. I guess it is because you think people read this thread, so you have to be careful. Someone like you would have used that trick earlier. Regarding the Russians, you are pasting screenshots without citing the source again. Come on... We have spoken about this. You can't keep posting dodgy screenshots from Twitter. You have a reputation to maintain.
  20. AFAIK L2 is provided by an external application. L2 Dealer Manual Link https://www.ig.com/uk/l2-trading-platform There is a link to download it at the bottom of the page.
  21. You can keep insulting, that is your style when you have no actual reply. There is something that I will never do, and that is to say that I am more intelligent than anyone else, even in an argument. You on the contrary keep telling everyone, not only me, that dares to challenge you all sort of undermining insults, putting yourself on top of them instantly. Giving yourself the title of "intelligent". So here is one for you: "Tell me what you bluff about and I´ll tell you what you lack off"
  22. Have you read the article? I am impressed. Are you not only pasting Twitter memes from now on, but sending reports that we can read? This thread might be interesting, after all, if you start sending accurate data. So, in your first message, the one that was fish bait, you said that deaths in 2020 were below the ones in 2019, and now you are changing your comment again, to send a screenshot that proves that there was an increase in 2020. I guess that is aligned with your usual way of sending data to this thread. 1. You say something coming from memes. 2. Someone challe
  23. Article from EFE agency proving this report wrong. https://www.efe.com/efe/espana/efeverifica/el-numero-de-muertos-en-espana-2020-no-es-menor-al-anos-anteriores/50001435-4381326
  24. As homework try to translate the first sentence right below the table. This is a picture that has been moving around since the beginning of this month. It is fish bait for the right-wing fellows in Spain, they love this kind of fake reports. It is interesting that you are now posting it as well, very interesting.
  25. Hi, the platform is down most Friday nights (London GMT time). I guess for the usual maintenance tasks. It should be up and running on Saturday morning. You can ignore the page that show service statuses. It is not updated in real time, it is useless. I've never seen any system outage being reported there.
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